What causes love handles and how to eliminate Stubborn Fat from Love handles?

What causes love handles and how to eliminate Stubborn Fat from Love handles?

Love handles are not as lovely as their name. They are a problem of every other man and women walking by you. That extra few pounds around the body make you look out of proportion and headache of special clothing you need to search for that fits.

What are love handles?

So what are these love handles? Love handles are pockets of excess fat, protruding from lower side of hips or your belly. When you wear tight clothing love handles become more prominent and create what is famously known as “muffin top”.

People feel embarrassed and usually wear loose oversized clothes to conceal them. The excess fat is an issue for millions. Let’s look into what causes these love handles.

What are the causes of love handles?

The central cause for formation of love handles is retention of fat. How does so much fat retain? When your body is taking in a large number of calories and not burning them in the same or nearly equal amount, these excess calories start to accumulate around the waist and hip area gradually, eventually forming love handles.

Other various factors that contribute to development of love handles include:

·       Cortisol Hormone

This is the metabolic hormone and the body’s main stress hormone. When your body is in stress the level of cortisol hormone increases, which could leads to overeating which translated into weight gain.  This means increased stress levels or a stressed lifestyle could lead to development of love handles.

·       Diet

Well the main player is the type of diet one consumes.  Sugary food and drinks contain high quantities of calories and fats which are directly visible on your body. The junk food and fast food has now become a part of our lives. This means that our food intake has a large portion of fats going in.

·       Age

Age is not just a number. There are number of bodily changes that come with this increasing number. As you age the fat distribution shifts towards the lower abdomen and hip area.  This is caused due to decreased level of estrogen in women and testosterone in men.

·       Lack of physical activity

Being lazy and having no or very minimum exercise also leads to fat accumulation. When there is no physical activity in your daily routine this would mean that you are not burning any calories. No fat is being burnt causing your body to gain weight and formulation of love handles.

Furthermore, other common causes include:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Hereditary fat retention

What are the ways to eliminate stubborn fat from Love Handles?

This stubborn fat poses great issues not only to your confidence but also to your health. Your body gets exposed increased risk of heart diseases, cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure and number of other problems.

Below mentioned are some to ways to get rid of the stubborn fat of love handles:

·       Exercises

If you can’t hit gym every day, you can start targeted exercises at home yourself. Include exercises that target the abs, back and hips.  There are numerous apps and online videos that can guide you to get rid of this excess fat. Some of the exercises that target the love handles are:

  • Side planks
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Russian twists
  • Mountain climber
  • Bridge
  • Cardio exercises
  • Side stretching
  • Deadlifts

·       Changes in diet

To get rid of the excess fat you will have to make drastic lifestyle changes mostly involving the food you consume. Add more fibrous food in your diet; they will increase the metabolism of your body and boost the digestive system. Decrease the use of foods with added sugars like market bought drinks and processed foods. Eat more proteins as they keep your stomach full for longer time and will eliminate the need to eat repeatedly.

·       Plastic surgery

A procedure known as liposuction is used to remove this excess fat from the body. A solution is injected into the target area; this solution liquefies the fat cells. The liquefied fat cells are removed with help of a vacuum like device. The results are visible with a few days of treatment

If you all the exercise and dietary changes are doing no good for the body the best way to get rid of excess fat in the love handles is through liposuction. Not only will you get rid of stubborn fat but will notice the difference in a few days.

What is the Takeaway?

You need to really patient when treating love handles through diet and exercises. This can take time. Sometimes this persistent fat does not budge from the exercise. You should know that there is no harm in getting a medical procedure done. Nowadays the medical advancements work wonders for you.