What are the pros and cons of lip fillers?

What are the pros and cons of lip fillers?

What are the pros and cons of lip fillers?

Plumper lips are considered a sign of beauty. Women all over the world are increasingly becoming interested in lip augmentation procedures. The most widely used procedure to plump lips is through the use of lip fillers. Every other actress have had their lips plumped, from the Kardashians to Courtney cox, Nicole Kidman, Cindy Crawford and the list goes on. 

Before we discuss about the pros and cons of lip fillers, let us first see what actually they are.

What are Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers are injectables that are used to add volume to your lips. They are also used to smooth out wrinkles and recover the lost volume due to weight loss or aging around the mouth area. The most popular filler used is the hyaluronic acid. This is a carbohydrate that keeps the water intact and results in keeping the lips hydrated and plump.

What are different types of Lip Fillers

The most commonly used lip fillers include:

  • Juverderm
  • Restylane
  • Artecoll 
  • Teosyal 

What are the Pros of Lip Fillers?

Before you decide on getting Lip Fillers you should completely understand their positive and negative aspects. First, let’s look at the Pros of using Lip fillers for lip augmentation.

  1. Non-surgical and non-invasive

The selling point of lip fillers is that they are a non-surgical procedure. You won’t have to undergo hours long surgery and anesthesia. The process is also non-invasive with minimum to no bruising at all. 

  1. Instant recovery

The downtime of getting lip fillers is almost none. You can resume your regular routine activities the same day after getting the procedure done.

  1. Tailored results

You can get the desired level of plumpness. Before getting the procedure done, talk with your doctor about the volume your desire. For a slight volume, the fillers will be used in smaller quantities and for a more of Kylie Jenner look the fillers will be used in increased amounts. 

  1. Results are reversible

After getting your lips plumped up, you don’t like your new look or are not satisfied with the results, they can be reversed.  An enzyme is injected which can dissolve the lip filler. 

In some cases the results might not be reversible, but you don’t need to worry. The results of dermal fillers are not permanent and will lessen with time.

  1. Bumps dissolve easily

If during the procedure any lumps or bumps are caused due to the movement of lips they can be easily dissolved.

  1. Treatment can be gradual

If you desire more natural looking lips or are unsure what the final look would be, you can always schedule a few appointments and spread out your treatment.  This will help you observe the results gradually and will give you time to get used to the new look.

What are the cons of Lip Fillers?

Every medical procedure or treatment has various side effects to it. Now let’s look at the cons of getting lip fillers.

  1. Swelling 

After getting the fillers, swelling is very likely to appear at the treatment area. It may last for a couple of hours but in worst case scenario it may last up to 10 days but this is very rare. 

  1. Costly 

The average cost per session amounts from $500 to $ 1000, whereas, in the same cost bracket you can also opt for Botox. Moreover, the prices of fillers can fluctuate based on the location and the practitioner. 

  1. Temporary results

As mentioned above the results of fillers are not permanent. On average filler lasts between 12 to 15 months.  Depending on the type of brand your practitioner has used the maximum a lip filler will last is 2 years. After that you will need to again spend money and time to renew them.

  1. Need of touch-up procedures

To maintain the desired volume of lips you may require 2 to 3 filler procedures over the year. Getting touch-up fillers are not only time consuming and collectively can get more costly.

  1. Side effects

There are multiple possible side affects you might experience after getting the procedure. The most common side effects include itchiness, lumps, bumps, tenderness or dryness, rash and chances of infection in the worst case.

  1. Lip asymmetry

After the procedure, there are chances that lips may appear uneven or asymmetrical. Though it is very rare but it might happen.


Lip Fillers are a very suitable non-surgical option. They provide you with your desired volume without having to go through the pain and longer downtime. If you are planning on getting your lips plumped up, we have listed all the merits and demerits so you can make an informed decision.