Tired of loose skin? Here are some non-surgical tips

Tired of loose skin? Here are some non-surgical tips

Wrinkles and fine lines aren’t the only aging concern one faces; sagging and loose skin is another very prominent aspect of aging. Loose skin doesn’t only appear on the face but can appear anywhere on your body be it your neck, arms, thighs, etc. There are numerous other reasons than aging for the loose skin to appear. Read on and we will tell you what are the causes behind it and what are some non-surgical ways to get rid of it.

What are the causes behind loose skin?

Aging and loose skin are the same. So why does the skin become saggy as you age; here are some reasons why:

·       Loss of collagen

Collagen is naturally found protein in the body that is responsible for giving structure to the dermis and keeping the skin youthful. When you age, collagen in the body is lost which means there are less elastin so the skin loses is tightness.

·       Weight Loss

You might have seen massive transformation videos of weight loss and must have noticed the loose skin hanging as an after result. This happens because when the body is gaining weight and the skin expands. After weight loss the fat burns but the skin doesn’t snap back into place. This also happens during the pregnancy.

·       Increased exposure of sun

Years of sun exposure is one of the biggest contributor to aging which includes sagging skin. This happens because the UV radiation cause the skin elastin to damage.

Non-surgical tips to treat loose skin

Why jump to surgical options and spend thousands of dollars on surgical procedure when you have the option to treat the loose skin though non-surgical methods. Below we have listed some non-surgical tips to counter loose skin.

1.     Thread Lift

This procedure has gained popularity among people looking for non-surgical skin tightening. This procedure involves the use of PDO threads to tighten and lift the loose skin. The thread stimulates the production of collagen and boosts the production of connective tissues. These threads are reabsorb-able.

2.     Firming creams

Using firming creams that contain retinoid and hyaluronic acid are very good for reducing the depth of wrinkles, increase the skin firmness, increase the turnover of skin cells and diminish the skin roughness. These are an easy way for skin tightening but are most suitable for light wrinkles and not too loose skin.

3.     Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are suitable to provide skin with firmness and also improve the texture of skin. There are three types of peeks; light, medium and deep. Depending on the severity, a suitable type of peel is used. They can be used on face, neck and hands. Who wouldn’t like a skin that is firm with a glowing and refreshed look.

4.     Laser resurfacing

This is considered the most effective treatment for skin tightening. This procedure uses two types of laser; carbon dioxide and erbium. The carbon dioxide addresses the scars and wrinkle problem whereas, erbium is used to treat fine lines.

The results aren’t visible instantly but take a few weeks. This also helps improve the skin texture by focusing on the epidermis layer of skin.

5.     HIFU

HIFU is acronym for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound treatment. This ultrasound is done on the skin and the stubborn fat, aiming to shrink the fat and stimulate production of collagen. The ultrasound waves in this process are used to tighten the skin which goes into the deeper layers as compared to skin resurfacing.

Initial results can be seen immediately with final results within 3-6 months.

6.     Neuromodulators

Often referred to as Botox; these are injected into skin to relax the wrinkles. When injected in certain areas this reduces the appearance of loose skin and freezes the muscles. This is not suitable for skin that is very saggy.

7.     Intense Pulsed Light or IPL

This procedure is usually carried along with the radiofrequency (RF). This procedure uses heat on the deeper level of skin to stimulate the production of collagen that is responsible for keeping the skin tightened.


Loose skin can be a problem if not tackled in the early stages. As soon as you see the skin beginning to sag in the early stage, start using these tips to counter it. You should know that collagen production is vital for giving your skin a tightened and firm look. Don’t be a doctor at home!

Pay a visit to your dermatologist; after examination of your skin condition and severity he will provide a better guidance on what treatment should be used be it firming creams or IPL.