Stressed About Stretch Marks: Time To Get Rid Of Them

Stressed About Stretch Marks: Time To Get Rid Of Them

With age, you get wisdom, success, and knowledge and on the other hand, you get wrinkles, gray hairs, stretch marks, etc. With every passing day, your body shows aging signs. Well, that’s a reality and we all have to face it.

However, thanks to science and those who research on it. They have developed many such treatments through which we can fight aging up to some extent. Stretch mark is a very common problem which can occur even in teens.

What Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are fine lines or markings on the skin. They are pinkish or grayish, look different from usual skin tone. They usually appear on areas such as tummy, thighs on hips, However they can appear anywhere on the body. They look like streaks and may have a different texture than the skin.

Stretch marks do not have any side effect, however, they affect appearance. They affect your self-esteem. While wearing swimsuits or very short dresses they are visible and might embarrass you.

Facts About Stretch Marks:

All of us have to face this issue at some stage of life. There are a few facts about stretch marks:

  • The most common reason for stretch marks is uneven weight. Losing too much weight can cause stretch marks.
  • Those children who grow rapidly during puberty often develop stretch marks at a younger age.
  • Stretch mark does not completely disappear. However, they lighten up with time.
  • Most women develop stretch marks after pregnancy. 
  • Some medical conditions result in occurring of stretch marks.
  • Stretch marks are also affected by hereditary factors.

Many people are excited that they attained their desired weight but unfortunately, they are left with stretch marks. Similarly, you have become a mother but are left with stretch marks. But the good news your stretch marks won’t stay like this forever they will reduce with passage of time.

Can I Prevent Stretch Marks?

Well, the answer might not completely please you. But you can control them to some extent. 

  • Maintain a steady weight.
  • There are creams available in the market but there is no evidence that they work.
  • During pregnancy, oil massages can prevent stretch marks in some cases but this also not 100% effective.
  • However, if your stretch marks don’t fade away with time then you can opt for nonsurgical medical treatments that will wipe your stretch mark or make them unnoticeable.

Non-Surgical Treatments For Stretch Marks:

If your stretch marks are bothersome and you feel that these marks have not gone with time, then there are many treatments available that will help you cope with this situation. Here is a list of treatments that can solve this problem:

  • Chemical Peels
  • Microdermabrasion

A chemical peel is a treatment in which a chemical named AHA and BHA is applied on the skin to remove the upper dead layer of skin. As a result, new skin appears which is much smoother and clearer. Hence we can say that it exfoliates the affected area and fades away stretch marks, makes them almost unnoticeable.

While in microdermabrasion small crystals are used to remove the upper layer of dead skin cells. Hence it is the best way to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. It is also known as collagen induction therapy, through which skin elasticity is increased. It is the most rapid method to reduce stretch marks.

Where To Get These Treatments?

This is a very important point. Although these treatments are being practiced for almost two decades, still it is important that you choose a well-known institute for any such treatment.

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It’s time for you to enjoy your body, wear whatever you want.