Weight Loss Management

Weight Loss Management

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Our weight loss management program delivers effective and affordable products to help get you started on your weight loss journey. Whether it be the process of staving off hunger through our appetite suppressants or providing you with L-Carnitine supplements for your strict vegetarian diet, Rejuven8 Medical has it. Our well-trained staff is pleased to offer you information regarding all the treatments we provide here at Rejuven8 Medical.

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Lipotropic injections stimulate the liver to optimize the process of metabolism.  This injection is used to help release fat throughout the body by specifically targeting its primary fatty deposits.

L-carnitine is an amino acid which is required for the transport and breakdown of body fat for the generation of metabolic energy. Studies show that L-carnitine can decrease fat mass, preserve muscle during exercise, and reduce muscle fatigue.

Vitamin B12 injection has been shown to boost energy and overall metabolic rate, increases red blood cell production, helps regulate sleep, mood, and energy.

The HCG diet is designed to aid in weight loss by making your body utilize fat when on a calorie restricted diet. This diet requires daily injections of HCG and a 500 calorie diet.

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Our team of licensed and insured professionals is ready to deliver you the services you need to start or continue your weight loss expedition. We believe we are an elite choice for the region of Sugar Land when it comes to weight loss programs. Contact us at (281) 809-9184 to receive a free consultation and for more information regarding our services!

Results will vary from efforts and the objectives of the weight loss plan and the plans specific goals. Participants shall disclose pertinent medical information that may have adverse effects on the effectiveness of the program and the health of the participant.