Reverse facial Aging Signs from Chemical Peel

Reverse facial Aging Signs from Chemical Peel

Beauty is God gifted but its maintenance requires a lot of effort and dedication. Chemical peels are no longer a new term but have definitely become the most popular treatment.

The reason is their high ratio of success. They work for multiple concerns. According to statistics, a wide range of dermatologists prescribe chemical peels as they treat a variety of skin problems. Moreover, the simple and easy method makes them high in demand.

Chemical peels undoubtedly help in improving your aging skin. With age, you might experience problems such as hormonal acne, deep scars from acne, wrinkles, crow’s feet, dullness, pigmentation, and the list goes on.

This peeling solution helps in targeting many of these skin concerns. You must be thinking How? So here are details for you:

Chemical peels are back again:

We all think that all these modern trends are something really new. But is that really true! Well, the chemical peel is an ancient concept. All those beauty goddesses used various things for skin rejuvenation. For instance, milk beauty secrets of many beauties in the past contained lactic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid, or AHA, improved skin health to a great extent.

So, Chemical peels are an older concept packed in new packaging.

What Is a Chemical Peel?

Our skin has a natural mode of cell turnover, but with age, cells turn over slows down. As a result, our skin cannot shed dead cells. A chemical peel is a skin-resurfacing method that through various solutions removes the upper layer of dead cells.

The skin peels off and the newer skin is clearer and brighter. You can do peels at home but through proper procedures. Although the treatment does not directly target fine lines and wrinkles it improves overall skin conditions.

Targeted areas of chemical peel:

Apart from skin rejuvenation chemical peel can target multiple skin concerns.

  • Chemical peels successfully help in diminishing acne scars. It fades scars and fine lines.
  • Moreover, it helps in treating pigmentation.
  • It is an ideal treatment for dull and oily skin. 
  • Although it is not a direct treatment for wrinkles, still it helps in treating wrinkles and fine lines up to a certain extent.
  • It is quite helpful when working in collaboration with other skincare products.
  • It helps in healing sunburns and discoloration.

Hence Chemical peel can help in reversing many aging signs.


A chemical peel is a very effective anti-aging treatment. Once the upper dead layer of cells is removed through chemical peeling. The skin starts healing itself and increases collagen production.

Collagen is the chemical responsible for maintaining skin elasticity. Therefore, with an increase in collagen production, your skin looks younger and brighter. 


With all those skincare videos on YouTube, “exfoliation” is not a new term. We all need exfoliation to rejuvenate our skin. After 25 your skin might look younger and healthier, but we all need to exfoliate to get a new fresher skin

After 30 exfoliation becomes imperative. If you have no skin concerns, go for a chemical peel, just to exfoliate your skin.


Before going through the treatment, it is significant that you have know-how about it. Here is a list of few basic points about chemical peeling:

  • There are three different kinds of peels. They are light, medium to strong peel. Your practitioner will decide the type of peel you require. Though, all peels have a similar protocol.
  • The procedure will take no more than 30 minutes.
  • You may experience slight tingling feeling or irritation, which will go on its own.
  • No matter which peel you receive, sun protection is just after the treatment.
  • The discomfort may continue after the treatment; therefore, your practitioner will prescribe you a mild painkiller for later use.
  • In a day or two, your skin will start peeling.
  • It is important that you properly moisturize your skin afterward.
  • In the case of strong peels, the downtime is a little longer.
  • In mild peel, there is no downtime. However, in medium peels, you might need 3-4 days to heel. Whereas, in the strong peel, it takes a little longer.
  • However, discuss your products in detail with your practitioner.


As it is about your skin, the largest body organ, you can not take a risk. Therefore, always go to a registered practitioner for the treatment. Your practitioner must be licensed and use FDA approved products.

Do thorough research before choosing a health clinic for the treatment. Rejuven8 medical is a registered clinic in Sugar Land Texas. We have a team of experts who can successfully perform chemical peel and many other skin treatments.

Here is a simple solution for aging skin. 

Let people keep judging your age!