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Rejuven8 Medical is one of the renowned local aesthetican centers and weight loss clinic in Sugar land Texas is amid to provide customers with valuable services. In the pursuit of our on going journey, we have come up with the dedicated and official YouTube Channel.

Rejuven8 Medical – RosAngela Treating Men Frown Lines Using Botox Injection. Men also have thicker skin so that’s the reason why we have to use more Botox for them as well. Botox treatments are not very painful. They can be done during the lunch break usually. Shouldn’t take more than about 10 to 15 minutes to get the treatment done. And Botox works by relaxing the muscles.We typically just inject mainly where you see all the lines showing up.

Men also have thicker skin so that’s the reason why we have to use more Botox for them as well.

Vitamin B 12 helps to boost our metabolism, our energy, our mood, mental functions, and our immune system. People who may become deficient in Vitamin B-12 are diabetics vegetarians and even people who have undergone weight loss surgery. There are different forms of replacing your Vitamin B-12. There are supplements as pills and injections and people commonly ask me which one is more effective. Well, the answer is when we give you an injection your muscle absorbs to bit on Vitamin B-12 and then is directly absorbed into your bloodstream, so you’re absorbing about 90 to 100 percent of the vitamin.

When you’re taking a supplement such as a pill, first that has to be metabolized by the liver, therefore you’re really only absorbing about 20 to 30 percent of the Vitamin.

And here Rejuven8 Medical. We use Vitamin B-12 as part of our weight loss program to help boost your energy and your metabolism. If anybody is interested in receiving a vitamin b 12. Give us a call at 2813944899.

Volbella Lip Filler Demonstration by Rejuven8 Medical Weight Loss and Skin Rejuvenation Center inĀ 19875 Southwest Fwy # 260, Sugar Land, Texas 77479. Under Volbella Lip Filler, Volvemos used to help enhance the lips giving them a subtle change. This treatment gives you an instant result and has no to minimal pain involved in it. In case you are also want to get your lips a voluminous and subtle change then give us a call and we will be more than happy to help.