Permanent Brow Lift in Sugar Land

Permanent Brow Lift in Sugar Land

Aging is not an easy process. The marks and signs it leaves behind make you look way older. Where other parts of our face show the signs of aging so does the eyebrows. It makes your eyebrows look tired, angry or serious. So if you are among those who are experiencing sagging brows that need to be improved; brow lift is your answer.

The procedures are very famous all over America and are also widely performed in Sugar Land. According to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 22713 brow lift procedures were performed in America in year 2017.

What is Brow Lift?

Brow lift, forehead lift or browplasty are the names given to the process of rejuvenating the forehead to counter the signs of aging. This procedure involves raising the brows and area around the eyes by raising the soft tissue. This smoothens out the wrinkles and creases on the forehead and takes away that serious, angry and sagging look.

A brow lift can treat everything; lines on forehead, frown lines between the eye brows and sagging brows that hide the beauty of your face and eyes.

What are different types of Brow Lifts performed in Sugar Land?

There are several ways and methods for permanent brow lifts depending on the result one wants to achieve. Let’s see what they are.

1.     Endoscopic Brow Lift

In this technique surgeon makes small incisions behind the hairline and then inserts long thin tube. The tube has a light and a tiny camera on one end that is used to view the muscles and tissues under the skin. Through another incision, an instrument is inserted that lifts your forehead tissue, brings them in place and holds them there either through sutures or small screws that are removed afterwards.

2.     Coronal Brow Lift

This method involves making an incision behind the hairline across the top of your head from ear to ear. The doctor will then lift the forehead and place it in the new position. The scalp in front of incision overlaps the scalp behind it. This overlapping scalp is removed and the remaining is sewn together.

3.     Hair line Brow Lift

Incision in this method is made on top of forehead and beginning of hairline. A small amount of skin or tissue is removed from the top of forehead. As the scalp is not removed therefore the hairline isn’t pulled back.

What are the benefits of Brow Lift?

  • Skin tightening
  • A better sculpted look of the eyebrows
  • Uplifting the brow line
  • Giving a younger, happy and refreshed look
  • Deal with fine lines and wrinkles and give out a smoother look

Ideal candidate for Brow Lift

Do you want to know if you are an ideal candidate to get the Brow lift procedure? A good potential candidate for brow lift procedure include:

  • A healthy individual whose brows are saggy
  • People with deep horizontal wrinkles on the forehead
  • People with deep frown lines
  • People with excess skin drooping over their eyes which is affecting their ability to see
  • Balding men who won’t be affected by changes in hairline

Recovery time for Brow Lift

The recovery from a brow lift procedure depends on the type of technique used and type of surgery. The recovery can be shorter or longer but in general the wound heals in 10 to 14 days. The patient can resume his normal routine a couple of weeks’ maximum.

What are the results of Brow Lift?

After your brow lift you will end up with a smoother and wrinkle free forehead. You will have an uplifted and firmer upper face and will give you a younger looking skin for years to come.

How much does Brow Lift cost?

The cost of a brow lift procedure depends on different factors. The cost depends on the surgeon as each of them might have varying prices. Moreover, the technique of brow lift will also impact the cost. The average cost is around $4,000 other than additional charges.

The Takeaway

So if you are unhappy with your sagging eyebrows that have changed your appearance; it is time that you get a brow lift only at Rejuvenate Medical. Anyone who has had this procedure done once hardly had to go through a second procedure. Say yes to brow lift and bid farewell to the signs of aging.