Obesity Related Social Problems

Obesity Related Social Problems

Do we really think that a person with high calories is a healthy person?  Now this notion has changed, size is not the best marker of health. Excess weight due to any reason, creates trouble for us, creates many health issues as well as gives rise to social pressures.

Obesity has been declared as an epidemic which has victimized a large number of the world’s population. Our lifestyle, attitudes, eating habits and many unknown factors are responsible for this issue. An obese person has to face several issues.

There are many myths and wrong beliefs related to food and nutrition, which makes it difficult to control weight and obesity related issues. In this article we will discuss those social issues which an obese person can face in his life:


A known fact is that most people are overweight because they eat more and exert or burn fewer calories. But this is not true in every case. Our genes are responsible for our each and every bodily trait.

 Some people eat a lot but are still petite and slim, but few people are eating a little amount and putting on weight more frequently. This is because of our genetic makeup. Genetically some people have slow metabolic rate and have slow digestion. So we cannot actually blame them for their obesity.

We notice that people have a family history of being fat and in such cases it is difficult to control. Some health issues like hormonal imbalances or certain types of medication also results in obesity.


A much known and most talked about cause of obesity is an unbalanced diet. Eating the wrong kind of food and lack of physical movement is the most common cause of obesity.

People eat more than what is required and as a result put on too much weight. Modern advancement in science has reduced physical activity and made human beings lethargic. Moreover junk food and sweetened drinks have worsened the situation.


Some people make eating a hobby; such as they don’t eat for living in fact they live for eating. Their profound love for eating develops wrong eating habits making them obese and unhealthy. These foodies are found everywhere in the world.


An obese person has to go through many societal pressures. They have little acceptance even by their own friends and family. Emotionally obese people have to face many traumas and are often bullied at work places and in schools. People doubt their intelligence and work abilities. So obesity is not only a health problem but it has become a social issue which in some cases leads to depression and anxiety.


Society set norms for us and according to society and as portrayed on media, a person looks beautiful only when he is slim and smart. For obese persons it is difficult to achieve the goal of looking beautiful that result in low self esteem. They feel left out in their groups, they develop inferiority complexes and lose confidence. It is often believed that obese people can’t be good sportsman or can perform well in any other field of life. There are a number of calories that create many hurdles for them. Even children in schools have to face this in discrimination.


Obese persons are constant victims of bullying. They are being bullied for their excess weight and are considered to be a source of fun. This mostly hurts them and results in their poor performance in school and later life.

Bullying in some cases becomes a source of motivation. But mostly it develops complexes and low self esteem within obese individuals. They are called by bad names.


As obesity is not that accepted, it is difficult for an obese person to find a suitable marriage partner. Their excess weights over shadow all their qualities, as they lack physical attraction. Obesity can also create medical issues in later life, so it is difficult for them to find a life partner.


Overweight individuals may face depression and stress due to attitudes of people around them. They feel lonely and rejected. This negatively affects their performance.

As reducing weight is not an easy task, when their efforts to control weight are not fruitful, this also gives them stress.


Apart from health related issues obese people face discrimination at various stages in life. They face difficulties while getting jobs. This life becomes difficult for them. They are often considered as boring and dull individuals.


There are many ways weight can be reduced, but a person has to take it seriously. It is important to diagnose the real cause of obesity and then treat it. In most cases it can be reduced by controlling diet but there are certain other weight loss management techniques such as Lipotropic, L- Carnitine , Vitamin B12 injection and HCG Diet.

To adopt any such technique you must visit a good health clinic, which has professional consultants. In Sugar Land Texas Rejuven8 medical is a very reputed health, which has a team of professionals who will help you deal with your excess weight. You can discuss your medical details and they will design your weight management plan according to your age and health conditions. Don’t waste time visiting health clinics and live a happy and enjoyable life.