Most Common Skin Care Problems

Most Common Skin Care Problems

The best part of children is they are not beauty conscious yet they are beautiful. There energy, carelessness and attitude makes them look fresh and attractive. They maintain a glow on their skin without any cosmetics and treatments. It is every woman’s dream to maintain her childhood skin but we all know that’s not possible. With age your facial skin reduces its elasticity, natural glow and natural moisture.
Skin is the biggest organ in your body and is a reflection of your bodily health and your age. We will discuss various common problems that are faced by most women and men on their facial skin. They are as follow:


This Skin Care, Skin problemis the most common skin problem that majority of people face in some part of their life. In most cases it goes away with time but in some cases it continues for years. Acne is appearing of pimples and rashes on your face which leaves marks even if they are gone. Acne is most common in teenage and usually disappears with time but now days adult acne has also become very widespread. If not treated in time can damage your skin and leave scars and permanent marks.
Acne marks develops inferiority complexes in some people and they lose self confidence. No matter how perfect your facial features are, acne can make you look unhealthy. There are many reasons for acne development, in early teens due to hormonal changes acne starts appearing in both boys and girls.
It can be controlled through diet and shelf products available in market but it is recommended to take professional help. Most of the time acne appears on oily skin, due to blockage of sebaceous glands producing excessive oil and making your skin dull and unattractive.
In order to get rid of acne you have to follow proper skin care routine, improve your diet and lifestyle, you may need to take medical help and in most extreme cases there cosmetic treatments are advised.

Hyper Pigmentation:

This is also very common skin problem that many people face. Hyper pigmentation occur in the form of brownish spots on different parts of faces, it gives a very dull and dry look to skin. They appear in the form of freckles. They may take severity in some cases. They are also known as liver spots.
There may be many reasons for hyper pigmentation. Prolong exposure to sun rays (that too without use of sun block) can cause hyper pigmentation. Eating unhealthy diet and dehydration can also be the reason. Thus we can say that these irregular spots on face indicate mal functioning within body. They also represent iron deficiency. In some cases they are harmless but can make your skin look unattractive.
Mostly they can be treated through diet and food supplements but it’s better to visit health clinic to diagnose real issue. These spots are mostly stubborn and require vigorous treatments.

Open Pores:

Pores are tiny holes on skin that secrete oil, with age and due to other causes they appear big and give the skin an uneven tone. The size of the pores is determined through genetic makeup as well but in many cases lack of hygiene and improper handling results in enlarge pores.
These pores make you look aged and become difficult to hide them even under makeup. It is difficult to treat them completely but can be eliminated up to some extent by proper care and through balanced diet.


Scars are marks on skin that appear as a result of an injury. There are harmless but if too big in size can become very prominent on face. As these marks are not linked with your internal health, they can only be treated externally through creams and cosmetic treatments.


Wrinkles are the most common problem that appears with time in both men and women. These are lines and skin folds that mostly arise with time. In dry skin wrinkles appear comparatively earlier than oily skin, but they are inevitable.
We can delay wrinkle appearance through various serums and age defying. They can also be delayed through healthy lifestyle and diet. There are many cosmetic treatments available for treating wrinkles. Consult only a licensed and trained health clinic for any such treatment.

Under Eye Circle:

Many people face this problem of darkened skin under eye that is mostly caused by factors such as lack of sleep, hereditary causes, stress etc. They can be treated through over the counter products or hid through makeup but can also be treated through cosmetic treatments.
There are many skin problems; we have discussed only few which are faced by majority of people. In most cases it is advised to take professional help, don’t prolong your skin problems. If you live in Texas than Rejuven8 is a very good health clinic that deals with skin related problems. They have a team of experts and provide different type of cosmetic treatments to make you enjoy your youth and beauty for a longer time.

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