Micro needling: Why it’s become the hottest facial rejuvenation Treatment

Micro needling: Why it’s become the hottest facial rejuvenation Treatment

If you are tired of using branded makeup to hide your pigmentation, dark spots, acne marks, and two-toned skin, there is something that can help you.

What is Micro-needling?

If you want to improve your skin health, reduce the appearance of scars, boost collagen level and reduce open pores than micro-needling is the best solution for you. It’s a treatment with the least side effects and quick recovery.

Although it’s not a new treatment, it’s been practiced for a decade, but you tube and Instagram have played an important role in the immense popularity of the treatment. Thanks to bloggers who have created awareness regarding this and many other treatments.

The treatment is multipurpose and targets many skin issues.

How The Treatment Works?

Micro-needling works by microscopic punctures in the skin. Micro-needling is the insertion of very fine needles into the skin. The most common micro-needling tool is the dermal roller. It consists of very tiny small pins. Insertion might sound painful to you, but in reality, it is not. Very fine needles prick like pins and enter only surface-level.

The procedure is minimally invasive and can produce very effective results. The micro-injuries created through the dermal roller stimulates the skin’s natural healing process. Therefore it results in cell turnover, and increasing collagen and elastic production.

As a result, your skin looks rejuvenated and it reduces signs of aging. Micro-needling works similar to that of the laser. However, this procedure works on a mechanical technique rather than using any severe light or heat.

Why it’s Become The Hottest Facial Rejuvenation Treatment:

Since the past few decades, we have seen immense growth in the cosmetic industry. Over the years people’s reliance and trust have developed on many skincare brands and skincare treatments. 

Micro-needling is one such procedure that has gained popularity; here are few reasons for this:

Micro-needling produces instant results:

One reason for its success is its immediate results. After a few sessions, you can easily monitor positive results which last longer as compared to other non-surgical treatments.

By the end of 4-5 sessions, your skin looks comparatively plumper and healthier than before. So, you don’t have to wait very long to see the results.

Micro-needling improves skin absorption:

Your serums and other skincare products can be effective only if they penetrate deep into your skin, but how they are going to penetrate deep if your skin is laid with piles of dead cells, dust, etc.

So what micro-needling does is it let your skincare products go deep and perform their desired job?

Least invasive and no downtime:

Micro-needling has so far become an attractive treatment because it is least invasive. Moreover, there is no downtime; you won’t find any inflammation or any other problem after treatment. 

You don’t have to plan a long holiday after treatment; take it in a normal routine.

Dermal rollers pairing with other treatments:

In case of severe skin problems that require thorough treatments, you can combine micro-needling with other treatments as well. For instance, you can continue using your daily serums along with derma rollers. This would produce even better results.

 Micro-needling can do wonders to your skin when paired with topical, thus it acts as an anti-aging treatment as well.

DIY micro-needling is allowed:

One more advantage is you can try micro-needling at home, but that only with advice from an expert. You have to be very careful in doing so. Don’t forget that too frequent sessions can reverse the effects of micro-needling.

People with Acne, Rosacea , and Eczema should avoid doing it at home.

 Frequent practice can be dangerous:

If your first few sessions with micro-needling were very successful, don’t get over-excited. Keep in mind that your skin requires healing time after each; therefore you need to give your skin some time before jumping to the next.

Your practitioner can advise you best. Usually, one session a month is enough.

Be gentle with your skin after micro-needling:

As discussed earlier you can continue using your skincare products with micro-needling but you have to be very gentle with your skin.

Very harsh products used immediately after micro-needling can be dangerous. Do a patch test before. You must research beforehand using any product, after the procedure.

When Micro-needling is Most Effective:

 Here is a list of few skin problems that can be targeted through micro-needling. The treatment being least invasive and less recovery can be your very first choice:

 If you have fine and deep wrinkles:

Micro-needling is not very effective in treating deep wrinkles. However, when it comes to super facial wrinkles it has produced good results.

As the treatment increases your collagen production and elastic, it reduces fine lines and crow’s feet that too in minimal time.

 If you have visible scars:

 Acne is gone but left you with deep scarring. Micro-needling can be very effective in treating acne scars. However, if your scars are deep then you require a micro-needling device with the longer needle which can only be done by professionals.

The majority of people with cane scars reported marked improvement after micro-needling treatment.

 If you are suffering from sun damage and pigmentation:

Photo aging and pigmentation are things that shatter your whole look. Your skin not only loses its elasticity with time but also losses its real glow. Pigmentation appears due to multiple reasons.

Micro-needling, however, can treat both these issues and help you regain your youthful skin.

 In the case of sagging:

With age, sagging is one of the biggest issues that all of us have to face. That is due to a reduction in cell turnover and collagen production. Micro-needling is effective in tightening skin or in delaying the sagging to occur.

Hence it is the most effective treatment in allowing skin gains back its elasticity that too without any long and hectic procedure.

 If large pores are bothering you:

One of the most common signs of tired and damaged skin is large pores. Micro-needling can be specifically important in shrinking pores. After treatment, they will look shrunken and skin looks smooth.

Professional Help:

You must take advice from experts before carrying on any treatment. Your practitioner will let you know about the number of sessions required and about the effectiveness of the treatment.

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