Losing Weight: Dieting Tips that Work

Losing Weight: Dieting Tips that Work

As one of the most Googled topics, there are so many opinions, so many experiences and innumerable articles on the internet talking about losing weight, dieting tips that work and fitness.

While there is some solid, research-backed information on dieting, there is also a load of information that is at the least incorrect and useless and at the worst dangerous for people.

We have tried to create a list of dieting tips that can help shed weight. The trick is to know that of these, like every other diet, none will work overnight, all are part of a sustained lifestyle change and one that worked for your colleague will not necessarily have the same effect on you.

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Stay consistent

It’s fun to jump onto a particular diet bandwagon and enjoy the quick drop in weight, but it’s easy to fall off that bandwagon too. The diet can get monotonous, it doesn’t seem to be helping or the lifestyle change required is just not sustainable.

Body rebellion is a real thing, where your body rebels against the sudden changes inflicted upon it with a diet. It reacts by storing fat and calories so even though you may be on a diet, you would not be losing weight.

Always remember any change to your life takes time to adjust to. If you are training your body and mind to respond to changes in food habits, it’ll take a while for the lesson to kick in.

It’s not just the food

A lot of dieters think controlling food portions and counting the calories will be the magic formula for losing weight. Most of the time, it is not.

Dieting needs to be supplemented with regular exercise. Don’t push your body off the deep end with a strict diet and rigorous exercise routine. Ease into exercise and keep it at a sustainable level. The combination of a controlled diet and moderate exercise will yield slow but sure results.

Curb the cravings

Changing deeply rooted eating habits is tough, and it’s a brave soul that can resist the constant temptations around.

Keep cravings for sugar, carbs and other empty calories at bay by snacking on fruits and nuts that meet dietary requirements. Keep them handy so you reach for the apple in your bag instead of the pack of chips.

Be judged by your company

It’s easy to fall back into bad habits if you keep company that isn’t supportive, or considerate of your efforts to lose weight. A night out with friends and a glass of wine or a movie with buttered popcorn can set you back where your diet is concerned.

To keep on track to lose weight, surround yourself with people who are on the same track or at the least are super supportive of you. Join support groups, make friends in the gym or park and meet up with old friends and your family in places where sticking to the diet will be easy.

It’s boredom, silly!

“Dear stomach, you’re bored, not hungry” is the mantra! Comfort eating, emotional eating and “herd mentality” eating (where you eat just because it’s time to, or because the others around you are eating) is bad. Simple.

Counter this by exercising and keeping your mind and body busy. You’ll be surprised at how little you miss food when you’re occupied elsewhere.

These are dieting tips that work, tips help you lose weight so it never finds you again. There will be plenty of others that will work for you, and you should explore the ones that work for you best.