Kybella - A Revolutionary Double Chin Treatment

Kybella - A Revolutionary Double Chin Treatment

Having unnecessary fats is something that everybody dreads. Double chin is a submental fat. It refers to the excessive mass of fat which is located under the jaw. Between the neck and chin of a person. There could be several reasons why double chin occurs in individuals. Its cause is not limited to only the weight gain. It may be caused even when a person is having a perfect body weight according to their height and other requirements. The genetic factor is another major reason for getting this submental fat. However, there is a huge difference between getting rid of body fat and submental fat. Whatever the reason may be of getting the double chin, but one thing is for sure that getting rid of it is quite difficult and close to impossible by doing just exercises. 

The Traditional Double Chin Treatments

Kybella is a treatment to get rid of the double chin. We are going to discuss it in detail but before that, we will take a brief look at the traditional ways to get rid of these submental fats. There is a justified reason why it is so difficult to get rid of the submental fat. When you can lose fat from the other parts of the body through exercises, then why cannot you lose fat from the double chin through exercises. The reason is that the area between the chin and the neck is very difficult to target through the exercises. The dieting can also prove to be useless in this matter because genetics play a major role in gaining this submental fat and how the body of a human being store the fat deposits. So, there is a majority of the chance that you may lose weight from other parts of the body from dieting and the submental fat remains the same.

Before the introduction of Kybella for the submental fat removal, the cosmetic surgeons had other ways for the treatment of submental fat removal. These treatments included the laser liposuction ad the surgical liposuction. Both of these treatments require some downtime which means that the patients had to take time off from their work and it is not always easy for everyone to do.

How Kybella Treatment is Different?

Kybella treatment is used to destroy the submental fats. Kybella which is also known as deoxycholic acid functions by damaging the fat cells. A naturally occurring chemical in the human body breaks down the membranes of the fat cells. Then these cells are removed from the body through natural processes. A series of Kybella injections are required to get rid of the double chin which will ultimately lead you towards a more youthful and tighter appearance around the jaw with no apparent signs of the double chin. 

Kybella treatment is different because it requires no downtime. It means that the treatment can be performed quickly, and the results of the treatment appear gradually after some time. So, it will not be too obvious that you have undergone some kind of treatment. 

What Should be the Expectations During Kybella Treatment?

Kybella treatments include minimally invasive injections. It means that during the treatment you will experience a discomfort level which will be close to none. When you will visit the doctor for the Kybella treatment, then after accessing and examining your chin area, the doctor will suggest to you whether this treatment is right for you or not. 

Having the following listed information will give your doctor enough idea that how you can safely get this treatment done. It will also determine how the doctor will maximize the chances of potential improvements after the treatment. 

  • Whether you are currently experiencing any kind of infection or irritation around your neck or chin or not. 
  • Whether you have had any previous experiences in these particular areas or not. 
  • Whether you are pregnant, or you are planning to become pregnant or not. 
  • It includes several other lifestyle and health factors as well. 

Once after going through all these considerations, it will be determined that you are good for this treatment then you will undergo a series of getting injections in your treatment. It will be best to use the microneedles as they will cause minimal pain and it will be ensured that only the areas with fat cells are being targeted. 

How Many Treatments are Needed?

The number of treatments varies from patient to patient. Some need more and some need less. It depends on the amount of fat present in the double chin. The majority of the patients require several treatments with a gap of one month. 

Is Kybella Right for You or Not?

Although Kybella is an excellent treatment for getting rid of the submental fats it is not perfect for everyone. Consulting your doctor may help you to get the best consultation and recommendations that whether the treatment is right for you or not.