Is Botox a Fix for Facial Wrinkles?

Is Botox a Fix for Facial Wrinkles?

It seems like Botox is prevailing the treatment for facial health and maintenance. In every clinic and spa, Botox injections are available for facial treatments. Injections of Botox have now become one of the most common and famous non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Apart from its popularity, there are many myths related to Botox treatment. One of them is that people who get the injection of Botox are injected with botulism. It is a bacterial form of food poisoning. On the other hand, it is a myth as well that Botox is the true solution to all of your facial problems. Which is pretty much wrong. These myths and false ideas lead people in the wrong direction that whether they should get Botox or not or in which situation they should take it.
There is one thing to discuss here which is that just because all the clinics and spas are offering Botox treatment doesn’t mean that Botox is the only solution to all of your facial wrinkle problems. This is something serious which people need to get in their minds. Every problem has its specific nature which should be dealt with its a specific way. Getting Botox injection for all type of your facial wrinkles is just like using a drill machine to hang a picture frame. We can take an example like if you are a carpenter and you have only a hammer as a tool then everything will look like a nail to you. The same is the case of using Botox for all kinds of facial wrinkle problems.

Types of Facial Wrinkles
Facial wrinkles are of two types. Each should be treated differently in their specific manner. These types are:

  • Dynamic Wrinkles
  • Static Wrinkles

We will discuss both briefly to understand the nature of the problem and see if Botox is a fix for all types of Facial wrinkles.

Dynamic Wrinkles
Those wrinkles which are formed by the muscle movements are Dynamic Wrinkles. For example, the wrinkles which are formed when you smile, squint, or laugh. The most common dynamic wrinkles are Crow’s feet which form around your eyes and appear as lines on your forehead. For the treatment of these wrinkles, getting Botox is a healthy idea. In this treatment, various forms of botulinum toxins are used by Botox to paralyze or relax the muscle activity temporarily and it is a good idea as well. This Botox treatment restores a more youthful appearance by smoothening the wrinkles.

Static Wrinkles
These wrinkles are formed either by the loss of collagen and elasticity in your skin or by the damage caused by smoking or the sun. Due to these problems, the skin becomes drier and thinner. The shape of the skin gets affected as well as the age passes due to the volume loss. Now for this type of problem, some providers suggest the Botox treatment. But in the case of there static wrinkles, Fillers prove to be much more effective than the Botox. Fillers work in a way that they lift the skin, smoothen out the wrinkles and lines, and restores the volume loss as well to give the skin a younger and fresher appearance.

The common fillers which include hyaluronic acid also called Juvéderm is particularly most suitable for the wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth. And on the contrary, for some people, a combination of fillers and Botox will prove to be best for their facial wrinkles.

From these two types of wrinkles, we can analyze that Botox is an excellent treatment for facial wrinkles and it can surely bring out the best results. But you cannot completely rely on Botox for all types of facial wrinkles. Botox is the best and most effective for the treatment of dynamic wrinkles. Whereas, fillers are more effective for the treatment of static wrinkles.

Some Things about Botox Everyone Should Know

There is no doubt, getting a Botox treatment gives you more healthy and younger-looking skin, but it does have some side effects as well. Like these are some of the things every person should know rather than just believing in the myths about Botox.

  • Botox does not erase your wrinkles. It just freezes your muscles which keeps them from contracting and deepening the lines and wrinkles.
  • It is a temporary effect that stops the wrinkles and fine lines to grow.
  • The treatment does hurt a little

These are the things that are necessary to know just to not pop the bubbles of your perfect hopes. Also, there is nothing to worry about these factors because there is nothing inevitable regarding your skin and a person can only take care of it as best as he/sh04e can.

Conclusion Statement

If you are planning to get a Botox treatment, then you must have it under the doctor’s care. The injections you will be getting must be placed precisely to avoid any side effects. Botox is a wonderful treatment for facial wrinkles, but it does not cover to treat all types of facial wrinkl So, you must consult your nearest doctor or primary medial care doctor to know which type of Botox you have to take according to your skin