How To Take Care Of Skin During Hot Summers

How To Take Care Of Skin During Hot Summers

What do summers exactly remind you? Pool parties, beach sports, long evening walks and much more fun, but what about your skin in summers? However, skin condition deteriorates in summers. Pimples, excessive sebum production, dark spots are all skin horrors that you experience in summers.

Why Is That So?

Well, summers can be as harsh as winters when we talk about skin. During summers your cell production becomes fast. This eventually results in excessive sebum production around the T-zone causing rashes, sunburn, and premature skin aging. Therefore you need extra pampering during summers to protect your skin.
Here are few tips to help you maintain the glow on your skin which was there during winters.

High Temperature And Your Skin

With the high temperature in summers, along with excessive humidity, sebaceous glands present in your skin becomes hyperactive. This makes dry skin look dull and patchy whereas oily skin becomes oilier. Furthermore, sun rays cause darkening of skin and pigmentation.
Not only this pimples and open pore occur more often in summers resulting in dull and blemishes on the face.

How To Look After Your Skin During Summers:

Here are a few measures that you must adapt to improve your skin health for a radiant glow and younger looking skin:


With hot and humid weather, your skin becomes oilier. You may experience an increase in sweating as well. The first part of your skin care regimen is to cleanse your skin properly. To maintain moisturize level of your skin, you should apply a foaming or gel-based cleanser twice daily
Make it a part of your routine to wash face in the morning, removing any sort oils or bacteria appeared on the skin overnight. Secondly remove all sorts of makeup, sunscreen before going to bed. Change your winter face washes and chose the product according to your skin type.

Moisturizer And Sunscreen:

Even in summers you can’t skip moisturizing. But the issue is heavy moisturizer makes you sweat more and your skin looks cakey. There are many over the counter products that are less oily and also contain SPF and SUV protection. So you can use a daytime moisturizer with sun protection, which is specially formulated for oily skins.
Wear Sunscreen: You cannot skip sunscreen protection in summers even if you are not going out as it is your first line of defense against summer heat. Apply sunscreen with an ultraviolet spectrum between 30-50 SPF. In case of direct exposure to sunlight or excessive sweating, reapply every three hours. Wear proper clothing to keep yourself covered. Use accessories like sunglasses, hats, etc.

Exfoliation For Radiant Glow:

Exfoliation is the most important step in your skincare regimen, as, it removes the dead skin layer resulting in brighter looking skin. However, it is equally important in summers. Due to outdoor activities, our skin becomes more exposed to dirt. Therefore it requires frequent exfoliation.
Whereas don’t forget that too much exfoliation with a strong exfoliant can severely damage the skin. So choose exfoliant according to your skin type. You can opt for chemical exfoliation as well. While using physical exfoliant be very gentle.
For radiant glowing skin, exfoliation is very essential, as it lets your other beauty products to penetrate deep into your skin. Make it a part of your daily routine. At least exfoliate twice a week.

Reduce Makeup Application:

You should be very careful in applying makeup during summers. Excess makeup gives an oily and cakey look to your face. Therefore less is more in summers. Apply a tinted moisturizer and less creamy products. Let your skin breathe properly.


Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated. This is important for both your skin and body. Drink plenty of water. Keep a bottle with you all the time. Water also helps in flushing out toxins from the body.

Use Serums And Antioxidants:

For fresher and younger looking skin, you can include products like serums and antioxidants in your daily skincare routine. These products help in skin rejuvenation by increasing collagen production and also help in skin tightening. They remove wrinkles and fine lines too. Thus you require less makeup and enjoy a natural glow on your skin.

Non Surgical Treatments For Skin Rejuvenation:

If you are really worried about your skin health then you can opt for nonsurgical methods which have quick results. These methods deal with problems like open pores, wrinkles, dark spots and much more. You can even choose chemical peeling for deep down exfoliation.
Hence maintaining a healthier looking clear skin is not a problem. You can consult a registered physician for these treatments and enjoy your youth longer.

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