How To Sooth And Apply Makeup On Inflamed Skin

How To Sooth And Apply Makeup On Inflamed Skin

Why Women Need More Makeup Now Than a Decade Ago

Yes, it is true, women today need more makeup than they did a decade ago. And it is due to a lot of factors. It is environmental factors, dieting routine, stress, and a hectic work routine that negatively affect the skin. The worsening condition of the global environment is a huge cause. 

Environment Factors

The sun’s UVB and UVA rays source skin damage, which is known as prematurely aging While cold, and dry air steal moisture from the epidermis and makes skin severely dry. Physical factors such as heat, cold, and air pollution also cause damage. Low humidity, dry climates, and airborne allergens also negatively affect the health of your skin.

Diet, Stress, Smoking and Hectic Work Routine

Today, smoking is more common than before. Smoking like sun also damages elastin and collagen, leading to the premature formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Impure and GMO food and improper dieting routine are also among the major causes in women needing more makeup. Hectic work routine is also a culprit. All these factors cause damaged and lackluster skin. Therefore, women need more makeup to make them feel confident and competent in this age of stress.


Do Makeup Actually Work?

Makeup is said to empower a woman and make her feel good about herself. However, the topic is a controversial one. But the reality is that it works, as far as skin imperfections are concerned. Yes, it is a necessity for the average woman in today’s society. Hectic work routine tends to make the skin look stressed, and makeup appear fresh and competent. It boosts confidence in girls suffering from acne and makes them feel better about themselves. So, we believe that people should start taking makeup as a helping tool.


Types of Skin

There are 4 types of skins, as we all know.

  • Normal skin refers to well-balanced skin, which is neither too dry or oily.
  • Dry skin refers to a skin type that produces less sebum than normal skin due to which the skin feels tight and rough and looks dull.
  • Oily skin is a skin type with heightened sebum production and has a glossy shine and visible pores.
  • Combination skin refers to skin that consists of a mix of skin types.


Choose Right Makeup on Inflamed Skin

Right ingredients choice should be your first consideration when it comes to selecting makeup products to conceal irritated skin. Ingredients like lanolin, fragrances, and isopropyl myristate also inflame delicate skin. Stay away from the products that contain silicone and dimethicone as they tend to sit on the epidermis and can also inhibit further damage in the form of water loss or dehydration.

Choose products with balancing ingredients and properties. Use fewer products to avoid further damage. High-coverage pigments are good as they provide excellent coverage without using a lot of the product. You can also go for the products that are designed for sensitive skin and are dermatologist- and allergy-tested to stay on the safe side.


Tips for Makeup Application on Inflamed Skin

Now that you know the stuff to stay away from, let’s get into the tips to apply makeup on inflamed skin. 

  • Shade-matching is good for areas that are not inflamed, such as the forehead or jawline. Choosing a neutral shade will ensure it doesn’t seem too cool on the skin once applied.
  • Apply with light pressure because inflamed skin is easily irritated with roughness. 
  • Use light motions to build pigments over inflamed skin areas a blending sponge or soft foundation brush.
  • Softly tap the product straight over the area and sweep the edges to ensure flawless blend into the skin.
  • Apply a small amount of color correcting products for inflamed and post-acne inflammatory discoloration that requires additional coverage.

Clean your sponges and brushes regularly because dirty tools are a hotbed for bacteria which cause and worsen the skin condition. Also, never sleep with your makeup on as traces of makeup left overnight is a sure way to cause irritation, breakouts, and allergic reactions.


Methods To Soothe Inflamed Skin

We all use skincare products but be careful to avoid ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and retinoid during inflamed skin condition. Look out for products with calming ingredients such as cucumber, aloe vera, thyme, and peppermint; these are known to comfort inflamed skin and comfort swelling. Use skin-care products with minimum ingredients to reduce irritation. Here are some tips to soothe inflamed skin.

  • Stay away from dairy, sugar, and processed foods that will block your pores further causing more oil and acne. Use antioxidant-rich foods such as cantaloupe, papaya, citrus fruits, blueberries, and leafy greens improve the skin’s appearance.
  • Drink plenty of water and rinse with cool water to soothe inflamed skin. Stay away from hot water, harsh scrubs, and use oatmeal based soap.
  • Give your regular skincare routine a break because inflammation makes your skin extra sensitive to ingredients you normally use without a problem. Keep things as simple with a gentle cleanser and moisturizer. 
  • Must moisturize your skin as it helps to seal the top layer of irritated skin and offers protection from infections until the skin repairs itself. Try to use moisturizers with aloe vera extracts. 
  • Instead of using market products, opt for home-made masks with ingredients from your kitchen such as bananas, oatmeal mask, yogurt, and aloe vera.
  • Last but not least, try to get enough sleep.

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