How to permanently get rid of fine lines and wrinkles?

How to permanently get rid of fine lines and wrinkles?

Standing in front of mirror, you realize that there are some changes in your skin. The lines that appeared when you squinted or frowned are getting permanent. The lines on forehead are here to stay. This means that your skin has started to age. 

So what can be done to get rid of these wrinkles? On exploring the internet you find uncountable options; but do they provide a permanent solution? Before we explore some options let’s see what are the reasons behind these lines and wrinkles.

What causes fine lines and wrinkles?

You might be surprised but aging is not the only reason behind appearance of fine lines and creases. There are number of factors that contribute to the formation of wrinkles before time on your skin.  Following are some of the main causes:

  • Excess consumption of sugar
  • Exposure to sun
  • The role of genetics
  • Lack of water consumption leading to dehydration
  • Smoking 
  • Exposure to UV from sunbathing, tanning booths  and outdoor sports

What are the permanent ways to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines?

Below are some really effective procedures that can help you get rid of wrinkles. But the success of each procedure lies on your post treatment routine and skin care. The results of each procedure vary, some with longer lasting results and other last for a shorter period. Let’s explore these options.

  1. Facelift Surgery

Also known as rhytidectomy, facelift involves removal of facial skin and excess fat. The removal of saggy skin and excess fat tightens the skin smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines. During the process muscles and connective tissues are also tightened. This course of treatment has the longest lasting results.


The results of a facelift surgery last from 7-10 years.


The recovery time is pretty long accompanied with bruising and swelling for a few weeks after the surgery.

  1. Fillers 

Fillers such as hyaluronic acid are injected into the deep wrinkles. It smoothen the wrinkles and gives your face a plumped up look. They are more suitable to treat big wrinkles. They don’t respond well to deeper lines. Fillers give the best results in under eye area and around the lips.


Like Botox, these fillers last nearly for 4-6 months. The results of fillers are also dependent the area being treated and how deep the lines are the procedure needs to be repeated after the results wear out.


This treatment doesn’t last long. The common side effects include temporary bruising, swelling and pain.

  1. Botulinum Toxin

Popularly known as Botox, this is one of the widely used methods to steer clear of fine lines and creases. Botox in injected into the targeted muscles in small amounts. The muscles tighten and the skin begins to get flat, giving a less wrinkled look. 


Results are visible within a week of the procedure which last for 3-4 months. After that repeated injection will be required.


After procedure, patient might experience momentary bruising, stinging and redness at the site of injection. In rare cases, after the injection, some patients have experienced slight lid droop.

  1. Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing involves shooting a concentrated beam at the target area. These targeted beams of lights remove the skin layer by layer stimulating growth of new collagen.


Laser resurfacing shows visible results in 2 weeks. The results are expected to last for years.


The possible side effects of this procedure are redness, swelling, pain, acne, infection and scarring. Skin inflammation stays for several months after the procedure.

  1. Dermabrasion 

This is a surgical procedure which uses a rotating device for controlled abrasion of the upper layer of skin. A less invasive procedure known as microdermabrasion is commonly used nowadays. Microcrystals of aluminum oxide are sprayed on the surface of skin. These particles are then brushed on the skin and removed with help of a handheld device.


Microdermabrasion’s results last for a month. This course of treatment is progressive which requires repeated sessions for optimal results. 


Swelling, itching, redness of skin, a burning sensation and increased sensitivity to sun exposure are some of the side effects of this procedure.


So, we have listed the top five widely used procedures for getting rid of fine line and wrinkles. Some give you results that last for years while other last only for months. Before you choose anyone set an appointment with your doctor. He will guide you towards the most suitable option, keeping in lieu different factors like your skin condition, skin type, age etc.