We all wish to have a glass glowing radiant skin. But of course, there are many hurdles in achieving radiant skin. The latest trend in skincare regimen can let you get rid of maximum skin problems.

With age, your skin faces issues like wrinkles, open pores, crow’s feet, hyper pigmentation, and the list goes on. We will discuss in detail about hyper pigmentation, its cause, and treatments.


Acne is, unfortunately, the most common and most annoying skin trouble. Pimples come quietly but problems arise as they don’t leave that quietly. They do go but leave their footprints behind. These footprints are marks or scars. Along with acne remains your skin also has sunspots and bruises and sometimes age spots.

All these marks add extra color to your skin and this is known as skin pigmentation. It is one of the most common concerns in dark skin but can also be found in fair skins.

Hyper pigmentation can also be called as skin discoloration or two-toned skin. Luckily due to advanced technology, many products deal with this issue. Moreover, many treatments can treat hyper pigmentation.

Certainly, it is significant that you find out the root cause of pigmentation on your face and treat it accordingly. 


There are many causes of hyper pigmentation and the most common ones are discussed here:


The major culprit behind hyper pigmentation is acne. As discussed earlier pimples are gone but spots are left behind particularly in dark skin. Therefore to get rid of hyper pigmentation you must treat your acne first.

How to treat acne?

Well, getting rid of acne is not that easy. Many OTC products claim that they treat acne. But these products do not work in every case. There are few steps which you can take to cure acne as well as hyper pigmentation, which are as follow:

Using sun block:

 Whatever your skin concerns are, using sun blocks is the first step, to begin with. Sun block protects your skin against harmful rays of the sun; therefore you must use sun block containing zinc oxide with SPF 30 or higher. This will help reduces your acne along with dark spots.

Using retinoid:

Another OTC product to treat acne is retinoid. Topical retinoid is effective in treating all kinds of breakouts, as it helps in unclogging pores. It is particularly suitable to treat hormonal acne due to its ability to control oil production.


Serums containing ingredients such as benzyl peroxide, silicic acid, and Vitamin C can help you fight acne up to a greater extent. They kill bacteria producing acne and control oil production.

Once your acne is gone it is not difficult to treat hyper pigmentation. There are many products available over the counter that increases cells turn over and remove dark spots from the skin.


The white patches on your skin are Melasma, particularly around forehead, mouth, and cheeks. The reason for the skin discoloration is unknown. However hormonal changes during pregnancy, certain medications are believed to be causing melasma. Sun rays are also responsible for this skin condition.

How to treat Melasma?

Melasma or skin discoloration is complex and requires long and proper skin treatment. In mild cases over the counter products can help. However, in more intense cases professional help is required.

Proper skin care routine: To start with you should follow a proper skincare routine that includes cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. This would help in reducing marks up to some extent.

Professional treatments: If you are looking for a rapid and more effective treatment than you can choose a non-surgical method to treat melasma. Treatments such as laser and chemical peels are very effective. But these treatments might require a series of sessions.

Using Anti-oxidants

Anti-oxidants can be effective to treat melasma. They might show results after some period. So you have to be patient.

Using Sunscreen:

 Last but not least, using sunscreen is a must. You can decrease discoloration just by applying sunscreen regularly. Make it a part of your daily routine. No treatment would be effective without sun protection.


Sometimes, long hours of exposure to the sun without any protection cause skin pigmentation. Sun rays not only damages our complexion but can also be the cause of many skin diseases.

Conditions such as melasma or skin inflammation get worse by sun exposure. This will result in freckles, wrinkles, and early aging.

How to treat it?

The only solution to this is the regular use of sunscreen. You must use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with minimum SPF30. However, in case of direct exposure to the sun, that too in peak hours, you must use higher SPF.

Use sunscreen containing ingredients such as iron oxide. Hence sunscreen is the secret behind every beautiful skin.


Here is a list of few treatments that can help you get rid of pigmentation.

Take professional help: If you discover dark spots, discoloration on your skin, the first step is to take professional help. This would help you to find the root cause of your problem. Once the cause is known treatment gets easier.

Correct diagnosis can be really helpful. Once you are diagnosed you can look for solutions, which are as follow: 


Sometimes patients are desperate and looking for a quick fix. In such cases, non-surgical treatments can be very effective.

However, remember there is no quick fix for pigmentation. Every treatment requires patience and time to produce the desired results.

Apart from sunscreen, chemical peels using AHAs (like glycolic acid) and laser treatments are also confirmed techniques for vanishing irritating sunspots. These treatments help in getting rid of stubborn spots and the length of treatment depends on the condition of your skin. But sunscreen becomes even more necessary after these treatments.


If you are confused or running short of money, you can start with antioxidants or serums. Ingredients such as Vitamin C, niacin amide, kojic acid, Alpha Arbutin can be very effective. 

But these products must be used with the right consistency and instructions should be followed properly.


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