How to detox your body from inside-out

How to detox your body from inside-out

If you are feeling tired for no evident reason, even with proper diet, exercise and sleep, there is something more your body expects from you. Like every machine requires maintenance our internal body also needs deep cleaning.

Although naturally, our body can get rid of toxin materials at times that mechanism gets slowed down by germs and bacteria. For getting rid of those toxin materials we need to detox our bodies.

This article contains details on how detoxification helps you and what are the easy ways to get rid of harmful toxins?


Well, there is a huge cosmetic market promoting external beauty and skincare. Unfortunately, there is very little attention given to internal health.

Furthermore, microorganisms exist everywhere. The food we eat, the water we drink, the skincare products we use all contain toxic material up to some extent. Moreover our clothing, bedding, and accessories everything is a source of providing germs. No matter how finicky you are about cleanliness.

According to experts, your bodily health can be measured by the extent you can get rid of these toxins. Removing this toxin material out of your body is known as detoxification.

In another word, it is to cleanse your internal body just as you cleanse your skin daily. Now the body has a complex mechanism, you must be thinking which organ deal with this issue?

The liver is the organ that is directly related to removing toxins from your food. However, the rest of your body also plays their part in different ways. The liver removes harmful substances from the body and passes it on to other parts to be eliminated.



Detoxifying your body is just like pressing the reset button of your desktop. Well, there are numerous benefits of detoxifying. You might feel some and at times you might not notice any but don’t stop the process. 

Here is a list of few benefits you can get from detoxification:

Improved health and higher energy level:

Once you have removed all those unnecessary materials from your body you feel lighter. You might notice an increase in interest in your daily routine chores or office work. This is due to an increased energy level.

The greatest advantage of detoxification is the numerous health benefits it provides. It lessens the chances of catching viral and diseases. It results in lower inflammations, improves digestion and thus improves your skin health and overall activity of the body.

Reduced Stress level:

While detoxifying your body, you may observe changes in your thinking pattern. It reduces stress by improving your sleeping patterns and removes the harmful effects of caffeine, alcohol, etc.

Your mind and body are interrelated and soothing out one can help the other. Therefore if you are gathered up with too many negative thoughts, think of detoxifying your body.

Helps in Weight Loss:

Moreover, due to junk food and sugary food, you tend to put on weight. Excessive consumption of carbohydrates also results in weight gain. Body detox at times helps you in controlling your cravings and hence aids in reducing weight.

 Happier Gut:

Body detox cleanses your liver function, therefore it improves liver functioning. Problems like bloating, constipation, gas troubles are solved and you may experience a healthier gut.


You might have heard a lot of detoxifying methods but it is recommended to visit health practitioners before choosing one. In case of pregnancy or a nursing mother or suffering from chronic diseases better to consult your physician before practicing any technique. 

Here we will discuss simple techniques to help you cleanse your body, which is as follow:


  • Dry Brushing


This technique is derived from ancient Ayurveda methods. It is based on exfoliating your body with a dry brush or shower gloves before taking a bath. Through this method, you remove dead skin cells which result in the opening of pores that becomes an outlet for germs.

Furthermore the massaging increases your blood circulation which is another way of removing toxins. However, while showering use natural oil or moisturizer.

This technique is inexpensive and time-saving. You only have to invest once on brushes. There are no side effects and it is simple and quick. Moreover, this method is focusing on internal as well as external detoxification.


  • Cupping:


The name might sound new it’s an ancient Chinese technique. It is based on a simple method but the results are quite satisfying.  

Over the past few years, it has gained popularity and you might find cupping in the list of many spas and health clubs.

During the procedure, small cups are applied to the skin. These cups or jars suck unhealthy blood (like the reverse pressure of a massage). The therapy removes unhealthy fluids and toxins from the body, increases blood flow and lifts connective tissues.

Cupping is now been suggested as a treatment for many medical issues. It is effective for the treatment of muscular pains and stiffness. It improves metabolic rate and blood circulation.

Hence it can be effective thus improve your body and skin health. Cupping cannot be done at home. You need experts to help to carry on the procedure.


  • Yoga:


Yoga is one of the most successful techniques that are being practiced throughout the world. Yoga practicing can produce an excellent result and it provides relaxation to the body in many ways.

The deep inhalation and exhalation exercises improve blood circulation, increases metabolic rate, helps indigestions and control sin wrinkling.

Yoga might not help you to reduce weight directly however it helps n maintaining your current weight. The twisting pose releases congestion in the lymphatic system thus allowing the body to flush out toxins.

Yoga is helpful for your mind and body. While you exercise the sweat produced is also helpful in detoxifying. However, Yoga can be easily done at home but you have to be regular about it.


  • Sweating:


The most natural and easy method to detoxify your body is sweating. Researches show that while excessive sweating you release all sort of toxin material from your body. But you must maintain your moisture level after excessive sweating.

Various exercises performed in gyms can help you sweat. It is a simple way to detox your body. Moreover, there is no restriction of time or place. This way you would be able to remove a lot of toxins from your body if performed daily.


  • Choosing Organic products:


Maybe you are hearing the term “organic” quite often. Shifting your diet from the regular tin and processed food to healthy organic can do wonders with your health. Unnecessary exposure to preservatives, pesticides and antibiotic-resistant bacteria are disturbing your natural immune system and detox ability.

One way to keep your skin and body young and healthy is to improve your food choices. Eat organic meat, vegetables, fruits, pulses, etc. This would reduce your chemical intake and make you close to nature.

Buying organic stuff is at times very expensive; however, its health benefits are great. It would increase your body resistance to chronic diseases.


  • Improving your lifestyle:


Well, last but not least if you were serious about detoxifying your body, the first thing you have to do is improving your lifestyle habits.

  • The first thing to do is to improve your sleeping pattern. Lack of sleep can create many health issues for you. It hinders your brain development and can damage your skin health as well. Therefore seven to nine hours of sleep is necessary for every individual.
  • The second most important step is to quit alcohol. Alcohol consumption can severely damage your liver, therefore, quit alcohol consumption. Alcohol may be the root cause of many health problems you are facing.
  • Increase your water intake. This is the most reliable and simple way to remove harmful toxins from your body 
  • Eat food rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants include vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, lycopene, lutein, and zeaxanthin. Food containing all these nutrients can improve your health.
  • Avoid sugary and processed food.


If you are worried about your health and considering options to detox your body then you must take professional help. Don’t ignore uncommon changes in your body, Prevention is better than cure.

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