How to Build a Skincare Routine?

How to Build a Skincare Routine?

Who does not want a healthy and glowing skin? Everyone loves to look radiant and flaunt their day with confidence. You feel confident when you think yourself acceptable and appealing to society. It might not be necessary, but it is a fact which we cannot deny. People want to take care of themselves and look better. Sometimes, it is just like they do not know how to. This is exactly what we are going to discuss. How to build an effective skincare routine that can last. 

For a healthy skincare routine, it is not enough to just have the skin products available. To be able to understand how to use them is another game. For our products to work effectively, you must apply them correctly and in order. The skincare routine can depend on your skin type and your products. Also, it is important to mind the texture of the products because the thin products are not able to penetrate the thick ones, so they have to be applied first. 

Steps for a Perfect Skincare Routine

It does not matter how many steps your skincare routine has. What matters is how they are applied in the right manner and time. The following are described briefly the steps for an excellent skin care regimen. 

Washing Your Face

The washing face seems like a go-to task which almost everyone does the wrong way. You should wash your face in the mornings and night in a proper manner. Pour a small amount of cleanser in your clean palms and gently massage your face with it. Massage the face wash with gentle pressure and later take some water and rinse your face slowly while massaging. Once all the scrub and face wash is removed gently pat dry your face. 

If you wear makeup, then make sure to cleanse your face twice. First remove your makeup with cleansing oil or micellar water and remove your eye makeup. While removing eye makeup try to leave the eye makeup remover serum on your eyes for 4-5 minutes so it would be easy for you to remove the makeup without rubbing your eyes.


If your use toner, then applies it after cleansing your face and before applying anything else. Pour some drops of toner on a cotton pad or your hands and gently apply it on your face. If your toner is exfoliating, then use it only at nights. The toner with hydrating formulas can be used twice a day. 


Applying any serum and expecting for better is not the way. Morning time is great to use the serum with antioxidants like using a brightening vitamin C serum. It is because they protect your skin from the free radicals which you will be encountering throughout the day. Nighttime is great for using moisturizing serums with hyaluronic acid because they will keep your skin from drying throughout the night. Whatever serum you are using just keep in mind that the oil-based serums must be applied after the moisturizer and water-based serum must be applied before moisturizer. 

Applying Eye Cream

Regular moisturizers can be applied under the eyes. But if you prefer specialized eye cream then use it before the moisturizer because the eyes creams are thin in texture than the moisturizers. If you will apply eye cream with metal rollerball and store it in the fridge it will fight the puffiness in the morning. Keep in mind that using hydrating eye creams can cause puffiness in the morning. 

Try to Use Spot Treatment

It is always good to use the acne spot treatment at night because it is the time when your body is in repair mode. Try to avoid the acne-fighting ingredients as they can irritate. Just make sure to keep your skin calm and hydrated. 

Moisturizing Your Skin 

The purpose of a moisturizer is hydrating the skin ad locking all the products you have applied. In the morning, use a light-weight lotion with SPF 30 or higher. You can use a thicker night cream in the evening. 

Using Retinoids

Retinoids serve the purpose of reducing skin breakouts, fine lines, and dark spots by increasing the skin-cell turnover. However, for sensitive skin it might not be the same but can be irritating. Always keep in mind that retinoids break down in the sun so use them at night. Because they make your skin extra sensitive so make sure to use the sunscreen. 

Face Oil

If you use any face oil, then make sure to use it after applying all of your skin products. It is because none of your skin products will be able to penetrate the oil. 

Applying Sunscreen

Using sunscreen is the most important step. Every dermatologist will suggest that taking care of the sun is the most important part of any skincare routine. It can help to prevent skin cancer and many signs of aging. If the moisturizer you are using does not contain SPF, you still need to wear sunscreen. If you are using chemical sunscreen the wait for 20 minutes before going out for your sunscreen to be effective. And try to use the broad-spectrum sunscreens.