How Microneedling Smooth Your Wrinkles

How Microneedling Smooth Your Wrinkles

You most probably would have heard that micro needling is a skin treatment process that ensures rejuvenated and more youthful skin. well, what you have heard is true and no doubt, micro needling is the most economical skin treatment to smoother your skin, eliminate the fine line and wrinkles, to make your skin glowing and look younger. In this article, we are going to put light on how exactly micro needling smooth the wrinkles on your skin. First, we will give a brief introduction to what is Micro needling. 

What is Micro needling?

Micro needling, which can also be called collagen induction therapy involves a device or pen with fine needles. This device is rolled over your skin and it creates tiny holes in the top layer of your skin. before the process, a numbing serum or cream is applied on the skin to reduce the pain although the procedure is close to painless. The opened-up holes in your skin promote healing which ultimately leads to more collagen production in your skin. the increased collagen production smooths the wrinkles, eliminates the fine lines, and makes your skin glowing and healthy. 

How Micro needling Smooths the Wrinkles 

Coming towards the main point we are going to discuss the factors which smooth the wrinkles on your skin by Micro needling. 

By Reducing Deep Wrinkles and Fine Lines

The most important thing about micro needling is that it uses the body’s natural mechanism to produce collagen and elastic pigments. They ensure healthy and younger skin. the micro needling triggers the natural growth of these hormones so it takes a few sessions to reduce the deep wrinkles on the forehead, fine lines, and crow’s feet. Because the body uses its natural mechanisms, so the results of this treatment seem natural as well. It is minimally invasive so people can easily get it without any disturbance in their routines. It is said that a needle od a maximum 1.5mm is required to treat the wrinkles. 

By Repairing Visible Scars

It is reported that with micro needling, nearly 100% of the people suffering from acne scars reportedly a huge improvement in the visibility of their scars. Micro needling can be done both and home and professionally at a clinic. For the treatment of mild acne scars, a hand-held roller with needles of about 1.5mm in size can be used to treat the scars effectively. However, for the treatment of severe acne scars, you may need professional help and needles longer than 1.5mm. The micro needling devices which are used in facialist’s offices or at dermatologist are professional grade microneedling devices and their needles can be as long as 3mm. These will treat the deep acne scars which are present beneath the skin layer. 

Researches have shown that microneedling treatment is 75% better than the laser treatments to treat the acne scars. Both the treatment are effective but microneedling is better because it has minimum side effects, can be tolerated better, and requires less time. 

By Reducing Pigmentations and Sun Damage

Using the collagen as a natural stimulation to get smooth skin with reduced pigmentations and sun damage is beyond reducing wrinkles. Through microneedling, the increased production of collagen can noticeably reduce the sun damage to skin and discoloration as well. It also reduces hyperpigmentation which is the result of melasma. It is reported by a study that microneedling is a promising and effective treatment for the treatment of blotchy skin and brownish facial pigmentation. The length of derma rollers needles for improved and extra pigmentation due to the sun damage should range between 1mm to 1.5mm. 

By Helping in Skin Aging 

Microneedling can smooth the wrinkles on your skin, repair the damaged skin, and can tighten the loose skin of older women and men to give it a younger and smooth appearance. The older you get; the less collagen is produced b your skin. So microneedling, which helps to promote the production of collagen naturally is a better and new way to get the skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, and removal of scars through simple and effective treatment. It is suitable for photo-aged skin as well and requires less downtime and it has minimum side effects. 

By Shrinking Skin Pores

It may be hard to believe that the process which pierces your skin with hundred of needles does not enlarge your pores, but it is true. Microneedling does not enlarge your skin pores. On the contrary, this process helps to make your pores appear smaller than they are. Microneedling enhances the production of collagen around and in your pores so they appear plump and shrunken. The small pores are everyone’s desire. It makes your skin look healthier, smooth, and wrinkle-free. 

By Making Your Skin Care Products to Work Better on Your Skin 

Whatever serum or cream you are using on your skin, only 4-8% of that is absorbed by your skin. It is another benefit of microneedling that it makes your skin to absorb the skin products more. A research proved that this microneedling treatment makes the topical medications to penetrate your skin much efficiently and effectively which makes your skin to absorb maximum benefit from the skin products. Because microneedling makes thousand of tiny invisible pores in your skin which are capable to absorb the skin products more than the clogged pores. 

These are all the benefits of microneedling which helps and promotes the process of skin smoothening and rejuvenation.