How Long Do Eyebrows Last After Microblading?

How Long Do Eyebrows Last After Microblading?

How Long Do Eyebrows Last After Microblading?

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure that injects color under the skin with either a needle or an electric machine with needles on it. It’s also referred to as micro-stroking or feathering.

Microblading is a method to create well-defined eyebrows and look natural without the hassles of everyday makeup application. Microblading has been in practice for over twenty-five years within Asia and has seen a rise in popularity across Europe and the United States.

Once applied, microblading pigment does fade. The time period your result of microblading lasts depends on the type of skin you have, your lifestyle and how often you have refills.

How Does It Works?

The microblade tool is utilized to create natural-looking eyebrows according to your individual goals. It can be as simple as altering how you shape your eyebrows by filling them in. Or it creates a more defined shape by drawing out the eyebrows.

The device is moved across your skin with rapid, short strokes that replicate the shape of the hair. The needles are dipped in ink that matches your hair color. These needles makes tiny cuts in the upper dermis of your skin and deposit the color.

How Long Do Microblading Eyebrows Last?

This treatment is created to give you the maximum possibility of changing your appearance. However, later on, it’s not going to last for long. The semi-permanent ink is likely to disappear over time. The time duration depends on and is affected by your skincare routine or sun exposure and your skin type.

The results typically last for three to five years. So, if you wish to keep your eyebrows, you should be planning each year for a touch-up then. Talk to your doctor about a custom plan to assist you in maintaining your desired appearance.

It’s essential to follow the instructions of your doctor after your treatment. This is particularly important in the initial two weeks of recovery as the pigment begins to settle into your skin and is healing. When you make sure the recovery process goes smoothly, you will get the most lasting, long-lasting results you can get.

Is Microblading Suitable for Everyone?

This treatment is suitable for women and men looking for a faster and more durable solution for thin, sparse brows instead of traditional, temporary solutions. It’s efficient and safe for all skin types and must be done by a qualified professional. The procedure is secure and can deliver outstanding results. But, like any other treatment option, it is crucial to think about a few things before scheduling an appointment.

Search for Your Skin Type

In terms of pigment being absorbed by your skin, dry skin tends to hold lines and color more than oily skin. It is because the ink is absorbed more easily into cells and stays longer in the absence of oil.

A skin that is too oily may be susceptible to a result that lasts for a longer time and, in some cases, blurs the fine lines as time passes. These issues can naturally alter how you look and feel about your eyebrows. Talk to your physician to determine your skin type and make sure that this is the right solution for you.

Search Out Your Skincare Routine

Specific skincare and anti-aging treatments may reduce the longevity of your microbladed eyebrows by destroying the pigments faster. It is generally recommended that you should not use products containing retinoids or vitamin A and harsh exfoliants when you’ve got microbladed brows.

Your skincare routine is supposed to keep your skin, especially around the eyebrows, well-hydrated and healthy. If you have any questions regarding which products might not be suitable for brows with microblade, consult your doctor.

Consider Your Health Conditions

This procedure isn’t recommended for nursing or pregnant women. It’s also not suitable for people who are prone to keloid scarring, suffering from a blood-transmitted autoimmune condition. Also, for those who are undergoing chemotherapy. 

Also, it’s not recommended for people who suffer from severe allergies. It is recommended to consult your physician about these issues and inform them of any other medical conditions that are not suitable for this treatment.

Prepare Yourself for A Commitment

While the results you’ll see won’t last forever, they’ll last for a considerable amount of time. Therefore, it’s crucial to be prepared to commit the new eyebrows. That means adhering to the instructions of your physician precisely to ensure that your eyebrows are healing well. 

In addition, you should plan to regularly cut, shave, or apply wax to any area of your natural brow that isn’t part of the new brow shape. And plan touch-ups sessions to fix any fades.

Microbladed brows can be a massive time saver during your day. You can go out the front door without no touching them and know that your eyebrows are great, but they also have a promise to take care of and maintain your eyebrows for the time you decide to keep them. So, it’s something to take into consideration before scheduling an appointment. Ask your physician to explain how to care for and maintain the microbladed brows.


Microblading is a great option that can boost your confidence and allow you to feel comfortable in your skin. With results that are so, natural nobody can discern the distinction between your natural brows, and those with tinted eyebrows will blend seamlessly into your daily routine as you appreciate the new style.