How Facial Massage helps Skin

How Facial Massage helps Skin

When it comes to skin care routine, we opt for many options like facial, face polishing, scrubbing and so on. You know going through all these beauty tips will take you much time and even you might go to beauty salon as sometimes you do not the proper technique to apply a beauty routine. But today we will tell you about a beauty routine which is usually avoided by ladies but is highly effective, yes, facial massage. Facial massage is a beauty tip that you can easily carry out at home with minimum ingredients like night cream or an oil like almond or olive oil and that too in 10 to 15 minutes.

Keep your Facial muscles firm

If you love yourself and your skin, make it a routine to stimulate and massage your facial muscles with gentle hands every night before going to bed. The results will shock you as you would get to know that this approach helps in keeping your facial skin as young as hitting the gym keeps your body young. Massaging will tone up the muscles of your skin that will keep them from sagging as you age and develop stress over certain things.

Release tension

A famous saying, “it is on your face what is in your mind”. So, you need to stay positive and happy inside to look younger and fresh outside.  Massage will help you so good in this regard that sometimes it is hard to believe the magic it does to your skin. It will keep your facial muscles relaxed and toned preventing them from getting tensed and stretched. So, your skin will be wrinkle-free. Give your facial skin a gift of massage every day for 10 to 15 minutes and your mirror will tell you the difference in you.

Stimulate Blood Flow

Though massage adds in the beauty of your facial skin, it is very important to keep the strokes and motions right. A massage in the wrong direction will affect adversely. Always keep in mind that your hands must move upwards and fingers inwards while massaging. It will make your blood flow in a direction that will provide the needed amount of oxygen to your facial skin making it younger, healthy and beautiful.

If your skin is oily, a 10 minutes massage routine daily is more than enough. But if you have dry skin put a little more effort by prolonging the massage time to 20 minutes to get satisfactory results.


Help Absorption

A good serum or facial oil is not enough for your skin unless it is absorbed in needed quantity in your skin. A good company can provide you with products, but to make them useful for you is totally up to you. If you follow the massage routine as described earlier, you can easily get absorbed your serum or facial oil and get the maximum benefit of that product.

Release Toxins

Combining your routine massage with one of the oils from your grandma’s cupboard or kitchen cabinet will produce magical results.

Castor oil is one of the best ingredients that will transform your beauty routine. Castor oil has produced the best results when used for releasing toxins from facial skin.  It also helps the regeneration process to keep your skin looking youthful and clear. So, make it a routine to massage daily and at least twice a week with castor oil and you will be amazed by the results.