How Do I Restore My Facial Contours Without Running Out of Budget?

How Do I Restore My Facial Contours Without Running Out of Budget?

Face contouring is something that everyone with round faces is struggling with. The struggle to make a duck face in photos is a real struggle for them. Many of them cannot master the art of makeup contouring. So, they seek the help of facial exercises. But this too goes in vain as well. The ones having chubby, round and chipmunk like cheeks know that it is a stubborn problem. And it is not known to anyone that this is something which cannot be hidden through filters, makeup or covering up. 

Facial Contouring Within Budget Limits

Those who desire a slim face want to go in for surgical treatment of their face. They want nothing more than to get their face contoured. Unfortunately, for some of the people out there, it feels heavy on the pocket. Because the surgical treatments are so expensive out there many of the people cannot afford it. Some people simply do not want to waste a huge amount of money in getting their faces sculpted. So, they look for a better option which suits their budget. 

There is no need to worry anyway because there are many ways a person can restore their facial contours by spending no money at all. These are natural ways. These are the face exercises which doing regularly a person can get their face toned up. 

The Benefits of Facial Exercises

Facial exercises are a natural way through which you can tone up your sagging muscles and restore them. Instead, it makes your skin even more beautiful and firm. 

  • It strengthens the muscles of our face.
  • It increases the blood circulation. 
  • It reduces the appearance of wrinkles.
  • It firms and tightens your skin. 
  • It releases facial and neck tensions. 

Exercises for Restoring Facial Contouring 

The following are some exercises for the facial contouring which completely saves your budget. 

The Cheekbone Lift Exercise

This exercise is for the purpose if you want to lift your cheekbones. Just follow the following steps regularly. 

  • Place your fingers of both hands over each cheekbone.
  • Then gently lift the skin until it is taut. 
  • Then open your mouth and form an elongated O shape. By doing this you will feel resistance in your cheek muscles. 
  • Then hold yourself like this for five seconds. 
  • Repeat these steps and complete 10-15 sets. 


The Chipmunk Squeeze Exercise

This exercise is to slim your face. If you are tired of your fat cheeks, then follow the given steps and get a slim face. 

  • Start by tilting your face backward as much as you can. Then push your chin forward. 
  • Then suck in your cheeks as much as possible and as much as you can. 
  • Hold yourself like this for almost five seconds. 
  • Complete about 10-15 sets of this exercise. 

The Jaw Flex Exercise

Jaw flex exercise is for the purpose if you want a toned jawline. Because if you have a double chin, you can surely feel the pain. Double chin makes you look healthier, heavier and much older than you are. You can get a more defined jawline with this exercise. Just follow the following steps. 

  • Start by tilting your head back. Do it in a way that you are looking at the ceiling above you. 
  • Now move your lower lips above your upper lips. Move them as far as you can. When you will do this, you will feel it in your jaw muscles near your ears. 
  • Then hold yourself like this for ten seconds.
  • Complete the 10-15 sets of this exercise. 

The Brow-Raiser Exercise

If you want lifted brows, then you should try this exercise. Follow the given steps below to keep your bros at the right place where they belong. 

  • Put together the index and middle fingers of both hands and make a closed peace sign. 
  • Now raise your fingernails over our brows. Then gently push the skin down. 
  • Then lift both of your brows up and down. Do this while creating resistance with the weight of your fingernails. 
  • Repeat this procedure ten times. 
  • Complete six sets of this exercise each time. 

These are some of the exercises which can contour your face without any makeup and any surgical treatment. But you have to do these regularly and as instructed. 

Tips for Doing Facial Exercises

Now here are some tips which you can follow to get your facial exercises done right. 

  • If you perform facial exercises while lying down, then it is most effective. 
  • Always make sure to clean your hands before touching your face. 
  • Make sure you try to do these facial fitness exercises at the same time every day. By doing so you will not forget to do the exercise.
  • While doing exercise, never pull or tug your skin aggressively. It will accentuate wrinkles.