How Chemical Peels Help Make Your Skin Stay Younger

How Chemical Peels Help Make Your Skin Stay Younger

The very first question that arises by looking at the title of the article is what do you mean by chemical peel? Actually, it is a skin resurfacing process in which chemical serum is applied to the skin in order to remove the top layer. The new skin that grows after this procedure is combatively smoother and younger than the previous one.

Types of chemical peel:

There are three major types of chemical peels which are discussed below:


  • Light Chemical Peel:


In this type of chemical peel, an uppermost layer of skin called Epidermis is removed. It is used to avoid facial problems like acne, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and dryness. The whole procedure may take two to five weeks to complete.  


  • Medium Chemical Peel:


In this type of chemical peel, cells are removed from the epidermis layer of skin and remove some part of the middle layer of skin called the Dermis. It effectively treats dark circles, uneven tone and scars of acne or burn.  The procedure may take up to three to nine months depending upon your desired results.


  • Deep Chemical Peel:


In the deep chemical peel process, cells from the epidermis layer, part of the dermis layer and a portion of mid to lower layer of the dermis are effectively removed.  This procedure can only be performed once in a lifetime and give effective results.

Chemical Peel at Home:

One can also apply chemical peel at home, obviously, it won’t give a result which you can get from professional but yet one can save a big amount of money and maintain skin tone. Here are both the merits and demerits of the application of chemical peel at home:

  • Merits:  It has been observed that many women applied chemical peel at home and satisfied from its end result. Moreover, it is easily affordable and you can get the process done under 20 to 50 dollars.
  • Demerits: On the other hand the result that you can get from professional can’t be achieved at home. Chemicals peels contain more than 50 percent of acid and it can cause scarring and redness.

Chemical Peel from the professionals at Saloon:

Most of the Spas prefer to apply the second type of chemical peel that is Medium Chemical peel because it can help clients to look younger and fresher. Again there are also merits and demerits of the application of chemical peel at the spa which are discussed below:

  • Merits: If you are getting light or medium chemical peels from the spa then don’t worry at all, they are completely painless and safe. As soon as the procedure is completed, you can apply sunscreen on your face and go out of the spa.
  • Demerits: it is not recommended to get Deep Chemical peel from Spa because it contains more than 60 percent of acid and can be risky at a saloon.

Chemical Peel from Doctor:

It is completely safe to get the procedures of chemical peel done from professional dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Merits and demerits of this suggestion are listed below:

  • Merits: The professional surgeons analyze the type of your skin first before applying any type of chemical peel on your skin. This practice of doctors will lower the risk of complications and side effects.
  • Demerits: As the factor of risk decreases, cost increases. No doubt that this is the most costly option of all but the end result can be satisfied and lasts up to several years.


The deeper the chemical peel is, the longer it takes time to recover and the longer it stays. Hope you find this article helpful and gained all the relevant information related to chemical peel types and from where you should get this procedure done.