Find Best Anti-Wrinkles Injection Treatment in Your Area

Find Best Anti-Wrinkles Injection Treatment in Your Area

Anti-wrinkle treatments are gaining in popularity as time goes by and there are many medical practitioners offering the service. If you’re looking for this service, here is a guide to finding the best anti-wrinkle injection treatment in your area.

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Check Credentials.

This may seem like a no brainer, but it’s crucial for many reasons. Is the medical practitioner a surgeon or a dermatologist? Is he or she registered with the American Association of Dermatologists?

License to carry out this procedure is issued state-by-state. Remember to check if the person you are looking at is authorized to carry out this procedure in your state.  

You should also make sure the practitioner can perform the treatment for your specific requirement.  

Who is Injecting The Fillers?

Some medical practitioners offering the treatment may be plastic surgeons, others may be cosmetic dermatologists while some states allow nurses to administer anti-wrinkle injection treatment.

Who you want administering the injection may be the primary deciding factor in who you finally decide on going to.

Do The Homework

In today’s connected world, where reviews are easily available, there is no excuse for not doing thorough research when opting for medical treatment.

Review sites like Yelp! are a good place to start with and once you have shortlisted a few names, look them up individually for credentials, experience, and permits to practice in your state and even to perform a particular treatment.

You can also join online groups created for discussing cosmetic treatments and ask for peer experiences and recommendations.

Ask people you know. You’ll find plenty of people through a ripple effect who have had the same procedure done or have been treated by a particular practitioner and can give you an honest opinion.

If you’ve heard good things about a doctor from peers but saw a bad review online, don’t hesitate to reach out to the doctor and ask about those reviews. You may get to hear a different version of the review.

Peer Reviews

Ask your GP or any other medical practitioner for references. They know the industry, and they know the people do a good job and will be happy to send you to the right person for the treatment you require.

Meet The Doctor

Once you’ve decided on a couple of names, visit the doctors for a one-on-one consultation. Get a feel of the bedside manner and judge if this is the best person for you and what you want to be done.

Remember to ask if the doctor will be handling the numbing, injecting and other procedures him or herself or will be supervising a junior doctor or nurse. Some states don’t require a doctor to be present at all times, so make sure you know what you are signing up for.  

When you are in the waiting room, a clever way of getting a feel for the doctor is to ask patients in the waiting room for their experience.

Also, be aware of your surroundings – are they clean? This is a no-brainer!

Is the staff professional and friendly? They will go a long way to making the experience good or bad.

Mind The Cost

Some cosmetic procedures can be prohibitively expensive. Ask your doctor for the cost of the treatment you want doing and check for any hidden costs.

Post-Treatment Care

Even in routine medical procedures, there is a chance of something going wrong. Make sure you know the person you have chosen for has post-treatment care protocols in place. Will you be given the required care in-clinic or will you be referred to a hospital? Is the doctor or nurse accessible after-hours for any questions? What is the protocol for pain management or bruising?

These are important questions, know the answers before you commit to a particular practitioner.