Everything you Need to Know About Micro needling

Everything you Need to Know About Micro needling

To discuss the Micro Needling process, we first need to know what Micro needling is. Micro needling is a process for skincare treatment. In this treatment, micro needles are used to puncture the first layer of skin. It is to enhance the collagen production in your skin. The increased collagen production then leads to the brightening of skin texture, decrease in the wrinkles and fine lines as well which ultimately leads to healthy and glowing skin.

The question arises here is who would want to puncture their skin and draw blood for the sake of skincare. Well, this is what we are going to discuss here. This treatment is something that some people are afraid of. Why wouldn’t they? It has the word needle in its name, and it draws blood. But one thing is sure that if people see the after results of this treatment, they will go for this one. 

Some Basic Things about Micro needling

Following is given the essence of Micro needling in a few points.

  • Micro needling is a low pain and quick procedure for skin treatment. 
  • The after results of Micro needling are silky and soft skin. 
  • The side effects may include mild redness and itchiness. 
  • The skin will absorb topical products better after the treatment. 

How Things are Done in the Micro needling Process?

The first step of this treatment is the cleansing of the face. After that, a topical numbing cream is applied on the face. It may take 10 to 20 minutes to effect. Then a numbing serum is applied on the skin which serves the purpose of skin repair and healing. Then, a micro-needling pen is used to puncture the first layer of the skin, to get the serum absorbed properly. These needles move in an up and down position. After micro needling, another serum is applied on the skin which is supposed to seal the skin. Micro needling process is different from the vampire facial, in which a person’s blood is used for repair purposes.

Is the Process Hurting?

The process is not hurting as suggested by the dermatologists. The serum works to take away the slightest pain of micro needling. The only thing you will feel is the pinkness of skin like a sunburn. Or in the worst case, slight redness or itchiness may occur. But that too will disappear in a few days. 

For Whom, this Treatment is Recommended?

Micro needling treatment is best for those who have acne. It is very effective for acne scarring. Because this treatment does not use any heat and work mechanically, it all makes this treatment suitable for all skin types. This treatment is also very beneficial for skin smoothing, filling the acne scars and the small bumps from the clogged pores as well if you have any. 

Hose people who have any kind of inflamed or infected areas of their skin should first let them heal first and then go for an appointment. Also, if someone has extremely sensitive skin or they have eczema or rosacea, then they should keep themselves away from this procedure. If someone is using blood thinners or is a regular alcohol drinker, then they should not try this treatment as well. Because it leads to dehydration which makes the treatment ineffective. 

 Can Microneedling be Done on Other Body Parts as well?

Microneedling is a treatment for collagen boost and it can be applied to other body parts as well other than your face. However, the face is the most common body part where people get microneedling. But if any other body part needs collagen boost then microneedling can be done there as well. Mostly where there are stretch marks like thighs, legs, or butt. 

How Often Should You Take the Microneedling Treatment?

The skin issue will determine the sessions and time you have to take the microneedling treatment. If the condition of the skin is fine, then it will take microneedling about every three to six months. However, if the condition is pretty much worse due to acne scarring then it will need one session a month for about four to six months. A normal person should visit the clinic at least once a year for touch-ups. As far as other areas of the body are concerned other than the face then you should expect about four to six sessions in total. 

Aftercare of Microneedling

As discussed earlier, after microneedling, the skin is often red and sensitive, so it needs some care. It is suggested to use a chemical-free sunscreen after microneedling which should have at least SPF 30. The retinol and acids such as salicylic and glycolic should be avoided as well. The reason is that these chemicals are too strong for the skin after the treatment. It should also be noted that you should keep your skin hydrated after the treatment by applying the hydrating serum and using a mild cleanser. The exfoliating scrubs must be avoided immediately after the treatment for some weeks. 

Usually, makeup should be avoided immediately after the treatment but if there is an urgency, then you can apply makeup later that night after the treatment. It is completely safe. 


This was the most basic information about microneedling which everyone who intends to get the treatment. However, if someone wants to get the treatment at home by themselves then they must use lighter needles which do not penetrate the skin much deeper. Getting microneedling done at home is just like doing the gym exercises at home all by yourself. However, a trainer can get you much better results.