Do Lip Fillers Stretch Your Skin? May Be Yes Or May Be No - Let's Find Out

Do Lip Fillers Stretch Your Skin? May Be Yes Or May Be No - Let's Find Out

Honestly speaking, cosmetic procedures have always been controversial. Thanks to rumors, misconceptions, inadequate knowledge, and of course quack surgeons, the safety and side effects of these procedures have been in debate for so long. The only thing you can do is educate yourself and understand the technicalities of the procedure that you are about to undergo.

Lip fillers are one of the most popular procedures in the world as in the United States only a lip procedure is taking place every 20 seconds. It is the second fastest-growing procedure in the US. Lip fillers aim to increase the volume of your lips to increase the overall aesthetic of facial appearance. Thanks to social media and beauty trends, plumped lips are considered more beautiful and youthful. People have started questioning the side effects of lip fillers. so let’s clear some air out about how lip fillers can stretch your skin.

How Do Lip Fillers Work?

One of the main components of skin that is responsible for its elasticity is a protein named collagen. Aging contributes to deteriorating collagen, resulting in decreased mechanical tension in the skin. During aging, the cells responsible to produce collagen also start to decay. This leads to structural changes such as sagged, rough, or thinner lips. Sometimes genetics is also responsible for lip thinning.

One of the most important question being asked by the people is, Do Lip Fillers Stretch Your Lips Permanently

The loss of volume in the lips is restored by injecting soft tissues directly into the thickest layer of lip skin that is the dermis. There is a range of options available to choose from for the gel that is injected into the lips. The most recommended substance of which is Juvederm which is based on hyaluronic acid. This hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the skin and responsible to lubricate the skin tissues. Lip fillers are just concealing the aging symptoms by restoring the skin into its original structure.

Other Myths Associated With Lip Fillers.

Following are some common misconceptions about lip fillers.

  • Lip fillers are only for old people

This is not the case as genetics is a very big factor in thinner lips and adults over 20 years can surely benefit from lip augmentation.

  • Unnatural looks

As described earlier this is only in case when an excessive quantity of filler is used for augmentation. Otherwise, absolute precision will never cause any unnatural results.

  • Lip fillers are irreversible

Yes, there are permanent lip fillers also available, but if the hyaluronic acid-based filler is used you can easily erase them with the help of a professional surgeon.

Things To Consider Before Getting Lip Fillers

Choosing a professional medical spa for treatment is the first thing to do. With research, find a good and safe practitioner near you by checking the credentials and patient reviews. After booking an appointment, ask the practitioner about the process, safety, potential risk, and aftercare of the procedure and share your medical history. Following are some important things you need to know before having lip augmentation.

  • Avoiding blood-thinning medicines, supplements, and anti-aging products before the therapy will help in a safe and smooth experience.
  • Different looks can be achieved according to your preferences and needs
  • On average lip fillers last from 6 to 36 months
  • Low cost does not mean efficient results
  • It does not affect daily life but avoid getting it done before a big event in your life
  • The excessive quantity of filler will both hurt and look unnatural

To cover it all, lip filler injections are perfectly safe for the skin and do not cause any stretching but only if done with precision by a certified and skilled practitioner. Originally they are designed to enhance the already existing volume of your lips that might get lost over time or are affected by genetics. Researching well before getting any lip filler procedure will always eliminate any ambiguities and doubts. Concern a specialist near you for better counseling about your case.