Dermal Fillers in Sugar Land – Addition of Another Chapter to Sugarland’s Anti-Aging Industry

Being an evergreen beauty is what everybody wants nowadays and for that, you need to shy away from the wrinkles, and other ageing marks from you. Aging brings eminent changes in the volume of the basic components of our structure that are skin, muscle, bones, and fat. The volume change causes the loosening of smoothness, tightness causes the dull and wrinkled appearance of the skin usually called aging signs.

Originally dodging these is not a practical option as these happen over time (these are part of growing into an older human being). But the advances in dermatology have made it possible and this is when derma fillers come in for the rescue.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Putting in the simplest words these are the gel-like substances both natural and synthetic that are injected into the specific part of the face or hands to increase the volume or beautify the appearance.

Filling them in the skin can do various jobs like lifting cheekbones, decreasing the hollow space under the eyes, rejuvenating the hands, and also filling the nasal lines (the ones that appear from around the nose and reach the end of the mouth) some people refer them as smile lines as well, and volumizing the lips. They can also help in decreasing the wrinkles around the eyes, or forehead by providing the lost volume to the face.

Composition of Derma Fillers

As said before derma fillers can be synthesized by using various chemicals whereas there are some naturally occurring derma fillers as well.


The most widely used natural filler is hyaluronic acid called HA. Hyaluronic acid is also present in our skin naturally as a component providing the volume, smoothness, hydration, and tightness to the skin. HA fillers are widely used due to their proximity of the natural look moreover they can be consumed by the body on their own as well. HA fillers last for more than six months or longer before being consumed by the body.

The two most eminent benefits of using these fillers are; firstly, they provide the closest look to what a naturally hydrated and volume skin will look like. Secondly, they can be dissolved easily by using a specific solution in case the treatment shows some adverse effects or if the receiver doesn’t like the appearance after skin filling. This just eradicates involved visual risk for up to 90%.


Derma fillers made synthetically include polymethyl methacrylate, autologous fat, calcium hydroxylapatite, poly-L-lactic acid.

Polymethyl Methacrylate: It is a semi-permanent filler as it is durable due to its non-biodegradability factor however it can result in lumping or may be visible under the skin sometimes.

Calcium Hydroxylapatite: This compound is found in human bones and is very close to minerals in composition. It has been in the use of dentistry and plastic surgery giving a long track record of safety.

Poly-L-lactic Acid: This synthetic filler is different from other fillers as it is not responsible for volumization directly rather it causes and induces the production of collagen in the skin. This made the results to be visible after months of getting filler.

Autologous Fat: This is a technique that involves the transplantation of fat from other parts of the body to the desired area of the face injected as a filler.

Every synthetic substance used as a filler has its pros and cons. They have unique chemical properties like longevity, texture, and density. This means they will perform differently by nature. Making it obvious that some material may or may not be suitable for a specific area on your face. If the wrong material or less suitable substance is used it may not provide the desired results.

Hence choosing the right substance as a derma filler is crucial to get the perfect results. The guidance of a certified dermatologist who understands the facial dynamics, anatomy and is also familiar with the composition and functioning of filler substances along with the knowledge of treatment procedures can be handy and guide you to the path of attaining the desired result of dermal filling. A professional cosmetic surgeon will thoroughly evaluate any specific concerns and provide a detailed view of what to expect before, after, or during the treatment.

Avoid Black Market Dermal Fillers

As the treatments of dermal fillers are expensive, many people have tried to make it cheap by going to the do-it-yourself fillers available in the online black market. As a result, media reports, social media platforms, and even medical literature is filled with the consequences caused by the self-injection of the fillers. The same goes for the fillers injected by non-professionals also shows side effects that result in adverse facial appearances.

To shy away from the chances of suffering a similar problem and become another example of filler injection, it’s better to avoid these sub-standard materials and always get dermal fillers near you from the qualified people.  As these substances are cheap for a reason, they may have important components replaced by their substitutes which fail to give proper results. Some may even have harmful materials. So, trying to save this little money can cost you a lot more.

Therefore, reaching out to some professionals with proven records and certification in dermatology and using the substances and fillers recommended by them is the safest way to go. Sugar land anti-aging cosmetic range is one of them developed by experts after thorough research and study.