Dermal Fillers for Crow's Feet - It's Time To Revive Your Wrinkle Free Skin

Dermal Fillers for Crow's Feet - It's Time To Revive Your Wrinkle Free Skin

A smile loses its charm when the eyes are not affirming the same good vibes energy. Your soul does smile through your eyes. You can’t let aging constrain you to smile your heart out via a happy pair of eyes.


Crow’s feet are those unpleasant wrinkles around your eyes that sometimes appear when you kindle certain emotions like a smile. Crow’s feet are so common that people often don’t consider it an imperfection. From an unhealthy lifestyle to natural aging there are a number of factors that cause crow’s feet to appear. The muscles around the eyes that are responsible for the movement of eyelids lose their elasticity over time or due to unhealthy habits.

Although aging is the biggest factor of crow’s feet as the skin stops forming collagen that is responsible for the flexibility and elasticity in the skin. Usually, it starts appearing in the 30s but sometimes people get affected by it in the early 20s. There are a lot of ways to treat or prevent crow’s feet and dermal filler is one of the most effective procedures. Let’s look deep into how you can get back your plumped skin with the help of dermal fillers.

What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal filler is a cosmetic procedure that aims at providing facial volume and plumped skin by injecting soft-tissue in the skin. These fillers are usually made up of synthetic hyaluronic acid that our body also produces naturally.

Dermal filler is among the top 5 minimally invasive procedures with up to 2.7 million procedures done in 2019.

If these are used with utmost precision, they can reverse the effects of aging like wrinkles and skin folds. Although dermal fillers are completely safe as it is approved by the FDA, if not done professionally it can cause acne eruption, asymmetry, infection, and skin rash.

The commonly used dermal fillers procedure for crow’s feet consists of the following steps:

Facial assessment and mapping

In the first step the facial appearance, skin tone, and skin type is examined. After assessing the patient’s skin technicalities, the area to be augmented is marked for site injections.

 Cleansing and anesthesia

The area marked is cleaned with an antibacterial agent or a sanitizer. Although it is a painless procedure still anesthesia is used to numb the area to be treated to avoid any discomfort.

The injection
The process starts by directly injecting soft tissues in the crow’s feet and depending on the surface area and the status of wrinkles, it could take from 15 minutes to 1 hour. After the injecting, the skin is massaged and examined for any more injections.


After injecting the soft tissues the marking is cleared and the doctor may offer an ice-pack for the swelling and any discomfort.

Effectiveness of dermal fillers for crow’s feet

Dermal fillers or soft tissue fillers are considered one of the best options to treat crow’s feet because of its following benefits.

Minimally invasive

The procedure of injecting soft tissue only uses the needling technique and no incisions are needed. This means that there will be no scars after the therapy.

Quick and easy

The methodology used in the procedure makes it easy, quick and a comfortable experience for the patient.

Customizable ingredient

According to the skin type, age, and any allergies, the gel of dermal fillers can be customized. There are a number of options available from which the gel can be made.

Natural look

The procedure of dermal fillers for crow’s feet only improves the wrinkles and does not influence any movement or other facial features in an unusual manner.

Last for months

Depending on the material used and skill set of the surgeon, the dermal fillers for crow’s feet can last up to 18 months. If the follow-up or touches up injections are received, the new plumped skin can last even longer.

Prevention for crow’s feet

Although there are effective treatments for crow’s feet still prevention is possible and that is a much rational option. Aging is inevitable, but you can change the lifestyle a little bit for healthy plumped skin. Following are some ways to avoid crow’s feet

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun as sunrays are extremely harmful and always use sunscreen when going out.
  • Don’t squint too much. Often weak eyesight makes people squint and it can cause temporary or permanent wrinkles.
  • Sleep as much as you can and not only quantity but the quality of sleep also matters.
  • Drink a lot of water. Water is a proven remedy to slow aging.
  • Deep exfoliations and better skincare also help wrinkles to fade away.


As life expectancy has become shorter, life has become much faster and the signs of aging start appearing at an early age. Maintain a healthy lifestyle for healthy wrinkle-free skin but if it’s too late there are multiple cosmetic procedures that will surely help you out. Don’t compromise and always consult a professional for the biggest organ of your body that is your skin.