Derma Fillers - The Risk of Eliminating Wrinkles

Derma Fillers - The Risk of Eliminating Wrinkles

Derma fillers are naturally occurring substances. These are injected into the skin to give it a healthier and younger-looking appearance. Derma fillers are injected into the folds, lines, and tissues of the face. These are used to decrease the fine lines, wrinkles, aging signs and to restore the volume and fullness of the face which is decreased over time. Derma fillers are also named as facial fillers, soft tissue fillers, and wrinkle fillers. The main purpose is to erase the smile lines, correct the acne scars, and plump up your cheeks and lips. 

If we talk about the sustainability level of the derma fillers, then we can say that the vast amount of the derma fillers are absorbable. Due to this, the results are temporary which lasts from several months to years and it depends on the quality of the product and the person as well. The permanent fillers can last up to several years. 

Are Derma Fillers a Risk?

No doubt derma fillers re meant to make your skin more appealing and pleasing to eyes. No one wants unnecessary wrinkles and their skin to look sagging. So, the majority of the people nowadays approach derma fillers.

These fillers are a natural way to give volume to your skin. Plump up your lips, eliminate the wrinkles and fine lines thus making you look younger and vibrant. These fillers contain those substances which are naturally present in your body. These natural substances then enable the production of those substances in your skin which makes the skin fuller and tighter. 

However, these life-changing derma fillers can become a nightmare when they are taken from the wrong person. There is no doubt that if you will go to an inexperienced person and get the treatment done who has no idea which type of wrinkles you have, and which type of treatment will suit you the best. They do not even have the proper knowledge whether you classify for the treatment or not. Then the results will surely be drastic. 

When taken wrong, the derma fillers can grow your cheeks, or lips unevenly and unnaturally. There is an example of a person who went to a lady in her neighborhood to get derma fillers. He got the fillers around his mouth and forehead to reduce the wrinkles. After some days, the areas began to grow unevenly, and he went again to that old woman. She injected him again with fillers and the situation got worse after that. He began to skip family meals out of embarrassment. Then after 8 years, he got to seek help from a professional. The fillers had become so hard that they had to be removed surgically and the man went through plastic surgery. 

These kinds of situations arise when you consult an inexperienced person. a doctor cannot make a chair and a carpenter cannot perform surgery. We just need to understand this basic concept. 

Risks of Derma Fillers

There are some risks of Derma fillers that are not harmful and can disappear in some days. These are 

  • Swelling
  • Pain 
  • Redness
  • Rash
  • Itching 
  • Bruising
  • Pain

The side effects which are most rare and are unlikely to happen are 

  • Getting some infection.
  • The fillers leaking through the site of injections. 
  • The movement of fillers from one area to another.
  • Causing an injury to blood vessels.
  • Getting granulomas, which is a type of inflammatory reaction to the filler.
  • Tissue death due to blockage of blood flow.

How Can the Risks be Avoided?

Derma fillers are not a threat to your facial appearance at all. Rather they work to make it more beautiful and younger in a natural way. All the complexities which are described above can be avoided if the following precautions are taken well care of.

  • Always approach an experienced and well-trained dermatologist or plastic surgeon to inject the filler in your skin.
  • Always make sure that you get the treatment in a proper medical setting and not in someone’s home or the stalls of malls. 
  • After choosing the particular type of filler, ask the provider about their experience with it then. The more they know about the product the better it will be.
  • Never purchase the fillers online. Get them by yourself from the medical providers. 
  • After buying the fillers make sure that they are properly sealed and unopened. Check the syringe to erase any doubts. 
  • Always make sure that the filler you are going to use is FDA approved for the purpose you are using it for. 
  • Get complete information about the risks and side effects of the fillers.
  • When purchasing the filler, read the ingredients as well. Do not buy or inject the filler if they have any ingredient you are allergic to.
  • Make sure to tell the doctor about all the supplements and medicines you take regularly. T is necessary because some ingredients may react with them and can cause your blood to clot.