Can You Really Lose Belly Fat in Just 30 Days?

Can You Really Lose Belly Fat in Just 30 Days?

Thirty days seems like such a short period. It is just our misconception. We can do so much in thirty days. In these thirty days, you can arrange a vacation trip, you can get married, you can get stronger, you can gain weight if you are underweight and similarly, you can shed body fats and lose weight as well. 

Things to Take Care of For Losing Belly Fat

It is a rough estimation that you can lose approximately half to two pounds a week. Considering this you can lose from four to eight pounds per month. To do this you just have to burn 500 extra calories daily. 

Losing belly fat in a month is possible in every way. But it should not be ignored as well that you cannot completely transform your body in just a month. But you can do well and achieve a milestone if you do the required properly. The following are some basic things which you do in your daily routine. If you take care of these things you can get a greater effect. 

  • Get enough sleep so you have enough energy stored in your body. It will help you to work out with the proper dedication and energy you need. 
  • Taking stress increases our cravings to eat carbs and junk food. You just have to make sure that with a calorie deficit diet you get enough sleep to control your stress. 
  • You can lose inches as well in just 30 days. It all depends on what kind of exercise you do. What kind of cardio you do? How much water do you drink? And how many calories you are intaking. 

Ways to Lose Belly Fat in 30 Days

The following are some ways described briefly through which you can lose belly fat in just thirty days. 

Flat Planks 

Flat planks are one of those exercises which involve every muscle in your body. It is one of the simplest and versatile body exercises. This exercise engages your core and is most effective. Whether you are doing this exercise while watching TV or before sleeping or in your spare time, it will develop your abs in no time. This exercise will tone your whole body in the minimum time. 

Proper Sleep

This is something that the majority of people will consider not so important for the sake of weight loss. Proper sleep is something which is the easiest and simplest way to shed your extra fats. Poor sleep leads to poor food choices which increases your body fat. Those dieters who sleep for about five hours or less are more likely to put on more than double belly fat. 

Use Popcorn as Snacks

Popcorn which is popped freshly in olive oil is the best way to snack healthy and get proteins and fiber rather than fats. To lose belly fats, you have to leave the habits of chocolates and cookies and use popcorn as an alternative. 

Criss Crosses and Flutter Kicks

Wanting a flat belly in a matter of days is a big target to achieve. But the good thing is that it is easier to achieve as many people believe otherwise. Flutter kicks and crisscrosses are two of those exercises which make a remarkable combo. As you are doing this exercise, it practically draws out the lines right down your midsection. It engages your abs and your inner and outer thighs as well. 

Drinking-Water Before Every Meal

Drinking water is already a good habit to practice. To lose weight without any effort a person must drink almost sixteen ounces of water half an hour before every meal. It will significantly reduce the weight of the person and belly fat as well. When the person feels his/her tummy full before eating, then he/she is more likely to make smart food choices. Another reason is that drinking more water increases metabolism and helps to increase satiety as well. 

Cut Off the Sugar Intake and Increase Fiber Intake

Cutting of sugar from your diet will significantly lessen your belly fat I no time. It is best when you will replace this sugar with more fiber in your diet. The increase in sugar intake is directly proportional to the increase in body weight. Increasing the fiber in your diet is directly proportional to a leaner belly. So, you should add more soluble fibers in your diet. 

Experimenting Varied Cardio

Walking and running are the most common ways to reduce your weight. But what many people do not know is that varying your speed increases weight loss. It is proved by the researchers that increasing and decreasing the speed while walking or running shrinks the belly. 

Replace Cereals with Eggs

Cereals are the easy-to-go breakfast. People ignore the fact that they are full of sugar and empty calories which are increasing your tummy. Replace the cereals with eggs and you can have a flat belly. It is because eggs are full of proteins and they make you feel fuller for a longer period.