B12 Shots Vs B-12 Pills

B12 Shots Vs B-12 Pills

The human body is a mixture of complex and unique systems. for proper functionality, it requires to be in place and in order. The deficiency of one single element could lead to serious consequences. Vitamin B12 is one such important element that is vital for the proper functionality of our body.

What is the Function of Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is one of the crucial B vitamin required by our body. It is responsible for nerve tissue health, brain function and production of red blood cells. It is also important to create and regulate DNA. 

According to research nearly 90% people are deficient in vitamin B12. If your body becomes deficient of this vital nutrient, you can face serious health issues that can cause lifelong illnesses. Some diseases caused due to deficiency of vitamin B12 are anemia, fatigue, loss of appetite, neurological illnesses such as memory loss, paresthesia and ataxia.

Fortunately, anyone experiencing B12 deficiency, now has ways to overcome it. The most common and popular are B12 shots or injections and B12 pills.

Now let’s look into what both of these are and what are their pros and cons.

What are vitamin B12 Shots?

They are a supplementary form of synthetic vitamin B12. B12 shots are intramuscular injections which mean they are injected in your muscles preferably arm or in thighs. About 10% of it is absorbed at the same time. It helps the body to use fats and carbohydrates to produce energy and make new protein.

What are the pros of Vitamin B12 Shots?

Below mentioned are some advantages of B12 shots.

  1. Frequency of dosage

B12 shots are widely preferred over pills because only one to two injections are required in a week. Chances of missing a tablet dose are greater than getting a shot once a week.

  1. Effectiveness of Dose

The effectiveness of a single dose is way more than a pill. The full dose of B12 shot gets fully absorbed in the bloodstream and the body is able to use 100% of it.

  1. Various uses

B12 shots can be used to treat variety of diseases like ALS, Alzheimer’s; they can also act as a shield to the natural process of aging. 

  1. Higher worth of your money

When you take pills they take a lot of time to get absorbed in the bloodstream and a lot of nutrients are lost in the way. However, the shots are quite the opposite. The money you spend on shot is worth every penny as all the dose enters the bloodstream.

What are the cons of Vitamin B12 shots?

  1. Storage and handling issues

The injections need to be stored in a cool place preferably in refrigerators. You will need to order your dosage in time and make sure it is kept under appropriate conditions.

  1. Not suitable for everyone

Some people have allergic reaction to B12 shots. It is because they are allergic to cobalt. People with Leher’s Disease are also told to steer clear of B12 shots as they may harm the optic nerve leading to blindness.

  1. Chances of infection

If the needles used are not sterilized or are not disposed properly there are chances of infection. You need to be careful that the needles are changed and sterilized.

  1. Expensive 

The injections are somewhat costly as compared to pills. As a single shot contains the dose of entire week therefore, they are a bit higher. 

What are B12 Pills?

They are the most common and widely used form of B12 vitamin. They are taken to overcome the deficiency of vitamin B12 in the body. Now let us dig into the pros and cons of B12 Pills.

What are the pros of B12 Pills?

  1. Ease of administration

The pills don’t require a visit to the doctor. You can easily take them at home or office. People usually feel more comfortable taking pills. And those of you who are scared of needles, pills are a more convenient and suitable option.

  1. Cheaper and cost effective

B12 tablets are cheaper and considered lighter on the pocket. They can easily found at drug stores. 

What are the cons of B12 Pills?

  1. Less effective dose

The biggest downside of B12 tablet is that it is not absorbed by the body 100%. Some of it is lost during digestion. If you are taking anatacids or other medications like metformin, they can also interrupt the absorption of B12 pill. Therefore, your body will require a large amount of B12 pills to meet the required amount.

  1. Frequency of dosage

The tablet needs to be taken more frequently. Once a day is must and in some cases you might have to take the pill twice a day. One might forget taking a tablet daily.

B12 Pill or B12 Shot; Which is better?

Well, both are used to overcome the deficiency of vitamin B12 in your body. As for which is better, that depends on the extent of deficiency of B12. If your body has extremely low levels of B12, a shot is more effective.