10 Uses of Botox Cosmetic on Aging Face

10 Uses of Botox Cosmetic on Aging Face

Botox has a revolutionary effect on the cosmetic industry. At first, people surely knew about Botox, but they did not try this miraculous treatment which could work wonders on their skin. However, as time passed people started using it and it would be wrong to say that the number of Botox usage was average. In the cosmetic industry and cosmetic dermatology, there is no name more famous than Botox. It is reported that in 2014, Americans had spent 2.4 billion dollars on Botox, and they got over a million treatments done. Now, this is something amazing. However, even after the well-known reputation of Botox to treat fine lines, wrinkles or crow’s feet, many people are still unaware of its other uses. 

Uses of Botox 

Botox works in a way that it uses a toxin called onabotulinumtoxinA to prevent a muscle from moving. It is a temporary effect. Now that we know about Botox, we will discuss the uses of Botox. 

  • Treats Acne

Botox can treat acne by restricting oil production and reducing acne breakouts. To treat acne completely, a person should need many doses of Botox and this excessive usage can lead to constricting the facial muscles. This is not the case if a small amount of Botox is used skillfully, it will not only reduce the oil production and you can still have your facial expressions. Though it is highly recommended to treat acne, it is also advised to consult another treatment as well. It is advised that although Botox can treat acne superficially and it can restrict oil production but still it should be used cautiously when it comes to your face. Too much usage can affect your muscle activity; it can freeze facial movements. The forehead is said to be the most common and most effective area for using Botox to quell oil production. 

  • Botox Can Give a Nose Job

Among the wonders which Botox can do aging skin, it can give a nose-lifting thing to your face. Around the age of 40, the nose starts to become saggy and it becomes more hooked due to which the whole appearance of the face starts to seem droopy. Here, Botox comes to the rescue by helping to lift the nose which takes you a decade back in just ten minutes. This treatment works in a way that your doctor will inject Botox at the base of your nose; between your nostrils. This process releases the depressor muscle which is responsible for pulling the nose downward. In this way, the whole face looks more uplifted than before. 

  • Botox Softens the Chin and Jawline

Another wonderful thing which Botox can do to your aging face is lifting the cheeks and narrowing the jawline. Over the years, grinding your teeth can make your jawline to get wide. Botox is used by dermatologists here and they inject Botox into the target area. It shrinks the muscles and ultimately narrows the jawline. The results are however temporary, but they come with great advantages. It makes your cheek appear uplifted than before and it releases the pain and soreness as well which results from the constant grinding of teeth. 

  • Botox Tightens the Jaws

If your jawline has become less defined over the age, then there is nothing a little Botox along the muscles of jawbone cannot fix. It pulls up the skin for a sharp and defined jawline. 

  • Botox Lifts Your Lips

Lip fillers and collagen treatment are not the only ones to lift your lips and give them a fuller appearance. Dermatologists use Botox as well for this treatment. Tiny droplets of Botox are injected in the upper lip border which rolls the top lip up and slightly out. This gives your lip a plumper appearance. 

This treatment is much lighter than the collagen injections and it is less expensive as well as compared to the other treatments. It is because in this technique very less amount of Botox is required.  

  • Botox Can Give You a Temporary Face-lift

You can get a temporary face-lift on aging skin and that too n just a matter of seconds. Botox can be used to shape your jaw, lift the tip of your nose, and to relax your wrinkles around the eyes and forehead in just minutes. 

  • Botox can Treat “11s” or Frown Lines

The frown lines or can be called “11s” as well, are formed on the forehead with the growing age. Botox can be used to treat these frown lines. This treatment commonly requires at least 20 shots of Botox for both men and women. But depending on the stronger muscles of some people, they may require a higher dose. 

  • Botox can Treat Vertical Lip Lines

Vertical lip lines which are also called lipstick lines or smoker lines; irrespective of the act that not all smokers have them, can be treated by using Botox along with fillers. To treat these lines, there are usually 8 units of Botox required along with a filler like Belotero, and its rally improves these lines. 

  • Botox can Treat Droopy Corners of Mouth 

The contraction of the depressor oris muscle causes the corner of the mouth to become droopy or turn downwards. This can easily be treated by Botox. A little amount of 2 drops on each side of the mouth are required to eliminate this droopy appearance. 

  • Treats Chin Cobble-Stoning

The contraction of mentalis muscles can result in the chin cobble-stoning. For getting smooth chin, only a little amount of like 4-6 units of Botox injections are required.